Google and Levi’s Unveil a Connected Jean Jacket. See How It Works in Action

May 25, 2016 - fall Denim

Fashion futurists, rejoice! Google and Levi’s initial intelligent mantle has arrived, and it’s a jean coupler that connects to your smartphone.

The tech giant’s Project Jacquard, focused on building touch-sensitive fabrics, has been publicly operative with a storied denim code for a year now. The judgment video for their launch product, Levi’s Commuter x Jacquard, slated for beta this tumble and to strike shelves some-more widely in 2017, promises variations on mostly informed functions.

Thanks in partial to a conductive thread woven into a jacket’s cuff, a cyclist can daub his or her wrist to evidence an estimated time of attainment from a mobile device to an earpiece—with eyes bound on a highway a whole time. A appropriate will change songs on a rider’s playlist, Fast Company reports. Two taps will accept an incoming call, 3 taps will boot it—a method that competence make for some ungainly moments, if a record is during all imperfect, or an user gets dreaming before alighting a third hit.

As with many science-fiction sales pitches, a existence is a small some-more difficult than enchanting cloth that does one’s bidding. The jacket’s setup includes a rubber slap that communicates with a wearer’s smartphone (Android only—sorry, Apple fans). It needs to be charged periodically, yet purportedly can go for dual days but one.

Meanwhile, a behind-the-scenes video on a prolongation process, finish with an ungainly fist bump, hints during a thought that something useful is happening, but being precisely divulgence as to how.

But a trucker coupler isn’t an endgame so most as a step along a way, during slightest in a eyes of Project Jacquard’s technical lead, Ivan Poupyrov. For him, explains The Verge, a endgame is an proceed that excludes phones altogether, in preference of wearable wardrobe that talks true to a cloud.

A form in Wired from final open offers some-more discernment into how that competence look: maybe T-shirts or using boots that lane jaunty activities, or bow-ties that, once knotted, call your Uber—because presumably that’s a impulse you’re about prepared to travel out a door. And ultimately, a idea is to confederate Jacquard’s special thread into any object of clothing—suits, scarves, even bras, writes Fast Company.

Or for tedious traditionalists—or anyone who isn’t as psyched about a anticipation universe wherein Google’s ever-expanding strech on information includes literally sticking to each in. of consumers skin—there’s always cotton. 

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