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January 16, 2018 - fall Denim

Gosha Rubchinskiy has enjoyed a yearlong homecoming tour, divulgence his anniversary collections in cities opposite his local country, Russia, from west to east. Twelve months ago he comparison a stark, strange, intriguingly anachronistic oblast of Kaliningrad, partially since it was once a square of Germany. (At that show, Rubchinskiy introduced a partnership with a German code Adidas, that is ongoing.) Then in Jun he arced north to St. Petersburg, a city aglow in dark flowers and unconstrained summer twilight. There, too, another rarely publicized partnership was launched with Burberry. Those equipment strike stores only over a week ago; that organisation continues as well. And on Sunday, in “maybe” his final Russian stop, Rubchinskiy landed in wintry Yekaterinburg, Russia’s fourth largest municipality. It is located in a Ural region, and is famous for being a site of a Romanov executions. It is about dual hours easterly of Moscow by plane. It’s so cold in Yekaterinburg right now that residents can travel opposite a Iset River, that is solidified as plain as a emeralds that were once mined nearby.

Everything in this extended trip has referenced, in some way, Russia’s hosting of a 2018 football (soccer) World Cup. The healthy overlie of Rubchinskiy’s skatewear—which bristles with childish bravery and softly solemn nostalgia—and football kits is evident, yet not indispensably in-your-face obvious. But other some-more nuanced inspirations have found their approach into a designer’s beat, such as a emergent soap-box enlightenment in St. Petersburg as a Soviet Union began to evanesce, for his Spring 2018 collection. In Yekaterinburg—Fall 2018—there were some-more contemporarily applicable hold points: a epoch of Boris Yeltsin, a male who was innate nearby Yekaterinburg and who would turn Russia’s initial boss in 1991, and symbolically relocating by and on from a ’90s.

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