Haute Couture for a Red Carpet Star

December 15, 2014 - fall Denim

Haute Couture for a Red Carpet Star

Beyoncé in Versace; Taylor Swift in Kaufman Franco; Pharrell Williams wearing Vivienne Westwood. Musicians and conform labels are related distant over a beats played on runways, and when interconnected together rightly they can turn a force to be reckoned with in cocktail culture. Throughout history, musicians have, mostly times unintentionally, started conform trends that helped build and conclude conform brands. Today, conform houses commend that artists have a followers, media dominance, and artistic management required to publicize their products.

The Look

The world’s many famous runway could really good be a red frame of carpet. With roots dating behind to antiquity, a red runner has turn an exclusive, far-away place where stars can be seen around mass communication outlets such as TV and Social Media. According to a late comedian and conform commentator, Joan Rivers, a red runner is “one large P.R celebration and a idea is to get noticed.”1 For Rivers, artists possibly win a awards or they win a red carpet. The best do both. For conform houses, sauce a star on a red runner is an event to rigourously benefaction their tide character to millions of viewers.

The oversized brownish-red shawl Pharrell Williams used on a red runner now has a possess chatter comment with some-more than 19 thousand followers. Jennifer Lopez continues to remind us of a famous immature Versace robe she wore to a Grammy’s 14 years ago, many recently in one of her song videos. Modern song fans have a event to squeeze many some-more than music—not that many are doing that; today, a celebrity and character of celebrities is for sale. Online platforms such as WhoWhatWear.com concede fans to see and emporium for Taylor Swift’s favorite outfits, while Vogue, that recently featured Ms. Swift on a cover, assures a best looks from her new manuscript will work in your closet this fall.2 Further, Swift’s unchanging use of red lipstick forms partial of an design she takes each place including her lyrics.

Pharrell Williams, who has been concerned with conform some-more than roughly any other musician, now has dual determined wardrobe lines, Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream. During a growth of his possess wardrobe brands, he motionless to partner with Jay-Z and founded a wardrobe line, Rocawear.3 He has collaborated with French pattern residence Louis Vuitton to make a valuables collection called Blason, has a incense with Comme des Garcos, a line of sunglasses for Moncler, and a streetwear line with Uniqlo. He has also combined an component of amicable shortcoming to his design by his work as curator and co-designer of RAW for a Oceans, a collaborative plan that takes cosmetic from a world’s oceans and transforms it into innovative denim and apparel.4 Whether it be by donning his heading buffalo shawl or his work as a code ambassador, Williams seems to constantly find ways to use conform to keep his name in a brew and rouse his song career.

Stefani Germanotta, improved famous as Lady Gaga, has tied a conform universe with opening art by her possess artistic prolongation group – Haus of Gaga. Her bland clothes, hairstyles and theatre costume, done by her atelier, are means to change an assembly by regulating strong, unchanging imagery with a story. At a 2014 South by Southwest song festival, Gaga partnered with Doritos to share “boldness”. Fans digitally competed to obtain one of a 2,200 accessible slots to attend her performance.5 By pity a design or a video that voiced individuality, fans were invited to rivet with Gaga’s confidant personality. It is required for artists who partner with a code to follow Gaga’s instance and use a code in and with their personal code to boost discourse with fans. While a “traditional” record business continues to disappear, artists like Gaga offer as justification of a flourishing energy of code association.

The Match

Burberry’s artistic director, Christopher Bailey, believes “music is like a weather, it affects a suggestion of everything.” Burberry now has a full-time song group that develops projects like Burberry Acoustic, that shoots song videos for rising artists who have been dressed in a latest Burberry collection. Through these videos, viewers are means to suffer song while concurrently being unprotected to a Burberry brand. German oppulance code Hugo Boss partnered with song in a somewhat opposite way, opting to live-stream Fashion Week on Spotify.6 The Spotify playlists by designers Rebecca Minkoff, Bergdorf Goodman and Christian Louboutin concede a assembly to form a some-more finish design of a brand’s identity, mostly heading to an extended tie with a brand.

Through retweets, hashtags, and a rest of a pity arsenal, amicable media allows consumers to be a some-more widespread force in a cocktail enlightenment review than ever before. Anyone looking to build a code these days, either in fashion, music, or differently contingency be means to implement a energy of amicable media. It used to be that photography was taboo during designer’s conform shows, and a invitations were particularly for a rich elite. Today, a primary seats are dominated by artists and bloggers who share a continual tide of cinema with Instagram’s 200 million active users. By permitting trendsetters to yield play-by-play coverage of their shows, designers concede all of their fans to have a front quarrel seat.

The Fashion Hook

In a 1960s, a Beatles had everybody in mop-top haircuts. In a 70s, leather jackets and spikes identified devotees of a Ramones, Blondie, a Misfits, and a Sex Pistols. In a 80s, Madonna’s song videos determined necklace layering protocol, and determined oversized hair bows and edging gloves. Today, however, it is not usually a tip cocktail stars who enthuse fashion, anyone with adequate amicable media supporters can be a trendsetter, and any artist can raise their career by their conform choices. Lady Gaga is, though a doubt, a gifted musician, though her large success was due to many some-more than her song prowess. Gaga used outlandish, though delicately selected conform to beget PR, and build a enlightenment around her brand, eventually formulating a clinging fanbase required to means a low-pitched career.

Given a tide state of a song industry, it is required for many artists to build their design over what is conveyed by their music. By broadcasting their possess personal style, and by partnering with conform brands, artists can really simply emanate that required additional dimension. The proverb a design is value a thousand difference positively rings loyal today, though now it can also be value thousands of dollars.

By Natalie Cotton

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