Henrik Vibskov

February 3, 2018 - fall Denim

Henrik Vibskov showed his total men’s and women’s Fall 2018 collections a few weeks ago in Paris. Yesterday, he stood inside a tiny counter during Copenhagen’s conform trade uncover articulate about an art square by Jan Fabre that he saw in Japan final summer and a runway opening square he constructed that enclosed exposed people fibbing on a building underneath a frozen rubbery film and others above them manually determining mops to beam their movements. Vibskov is not a trade uncover guy. The engineer needs a stage—some dull space to demonstrate his low thoughts about a intersection of art and fashion. During a conversation, he frequency forked to a garments on a racks, instead opting to lift adult a video of a Paris uncover and explain what a Fabre art and a exposed robots and, yes, a clothes, too, were about: Our society’s mania with dimensions in all a forms. “We magnitude ourselves: size, height, distance, amount, time, intelligence, popularity, and even feelings,” Vibskov said. “If we wish to change what we caring about, shouldn’t we change what we measure?”

The exposed bodies were a “visualization on how people turn a appurtenance tranquil by measurements.” A few cardigans and sweaters were flashy with grids and prolonged lines like those found on measuring tape, and numbers popped adult on fun scarves and socks, though a infancy of a pieces stood out on their possess but explanation. His quilted outerwear and tasseled jackets were beautifully made, as were a oversize denim items. Even if we can’t utterly pinpoint a through-line all a time, Vibskov’s work leaves an impression, that is positively a good magnitude of success.

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