Here’s What Your Next Denim Purchase Should Be

January 19, 2016 - fall Denim

Right now a gods of a conform attention are unresolved out in Europe together, determining your fate. Or during least, a predestine of your closet. Will they permit plaid or houndstooth as a confidant settlement of choice this fall? Should your pants be relaxed and cropped or slim and flared? And what colors are we ostensible to buy your sweaters in? Those answers are being worked out as we speak, and rest positive GQ is there to paint your interests. One thing we know for certain has done a cut: Patches and embroidery. They were all over suits, coats, and trousers on a runway, though a many real-life place we speckled them was on denim jackets.

From metalheads to John Lennon, cold guys have been rocking patched-up denim jackets for years, that means we can find them in selected stores or buy a rags online flattering easily. You can also wait until these accurate jackets from Gucci, Dolce Gabbana, and DSquared2 (respectively) strike shelves, though that will take a few months and during slightest a thousand dollars. We’ll leave it adult to you. Just know that we consider your subsequent denim purchase—especially if you’re formulation to see Guns N’ Roses on tour this summer—would demeanour flattering bitchin’ with a rose or a tiger head patch on it.

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