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January 11, 2015 - fall Denim

Looks from Grace Wales Bonner’s presentation

Grace Wales Bonner presented a tableau of slim black group in flared pants and skullcaps that were lonesome in crystals. The engineer explained how she was preoccupied by “radical black poetry” and that she was meditative of a dancer in a 1920s, during a tallness of a Harlem Renaissance. Wales Bonner’s ideas were some-more egghead than we competence design when confronted with such bling. There was some-more than a spirit of overthrow (she talked about a collection being a riff on exoticism), and a engineer pronounced she was looking to make luxurious, delicate formalwear for men.

Marques’Almeida’s menswear is in many ways a delay of a womenswear, so a speculation and introspection of a Spring women’s collection was carried over here, with black festooned ponchos and light-blue denim, that is deliberate a noncolor by a designers.

A demeanour from the Marques’Almeida presentation

Edward Crutchley’s silk elaboration on bombers, sweaters, and bowling shirts in jacquard melded easily with a East Asian shapes of his trousers and shorts. Jewelry engineer Alan Crocetti claimed that his boyish waifs of final deteriorate had grown into uncontrolled immature men. His rings removed buckles or “pieces fashioned after a O-rings ragged by SM dominatrices,” as he put it, and stones were dark inside them.

Looks from Edward Crutchley’s presentation

Looks from Alan Crocetti’s presentation

Roxanne Farahmand evoked a child during a behind of a bus, “scribbling a tab in a drizzling window.” Her men’s accessories enclosed mouth valuables and complicated hoop earrings. She presented her things in a setup that put a immature models in front of mirrors, filming themselves and being promote live on screens. It’s clearly a self-aware world, according to Farahmand.

A demeanour from Roxanne Farahmand’s presentation

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