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April 25, 2017 - fall Denim



Located in a heart of ancestral downtown Greenwood is one of usually a handful of wineries in a state of Mississippi.

Owner, Ole Miss alum and former profession Lonnie Bailey initial began creation booze during home, after his wife, Debbie, once picked adequate figs to beget 108 jars of preserves.

“She told me we indispensable to find something else to do with those expletive-of-choice figs, since she wasn’t doing that again,” he said.

The resolution that Bailey came adult with was to spin a figs into wine. He bought some equipment, and a few months after had fig wine.

Bailey pronounced that he believes he’s a usually winemaker in a nation that produces fig wine, since of a difficulty.

“It’s unequivocally tough to do,” he said. “When we vanquish many fruit, we get juice. When we vanquish a fig, we get mush. It takes a lot to awaken a flattering amber-colored potion from that mush.”

Over time, Bailey’s winemaking incited into a hobby. As he approached retirement, Bailey toyed with a thought of branch his hobby into a business.

“Now we work harder than we did when we was a lawyer.”

In 2012, a Baileys purchased and renovated an old, ancestral glow station, that was initial built in 1907. A brief time later, in Nov 2013, The Winery during Williams Landing non-stop a doors.

Ten opposite forms of booze are constructed in that building, including blueberry, fig, red muscadine, white muscadine and several muscadine blends.

“We have a good brew of dry and honeyed wines, that sets us detached from other wineries in a South, that tend to furnish honeyed muscadine wines,” he said.

Bailey and his mother are during a winery any singular weekend, with a difference of home football weekends in Oxford, articulate to customers, pouring booze and revelation a stories behind any product’s name.

The River Series wines – Tallahatchie Red, Yalobusha Gold and Yazoo Rouge – are named for a rivers that round around Greenwood.

The Harmony Series – Highway 61, 12 Bar White, Barrelhouse Red and Three Forks Red – are named for opposite aspects of a Blues, including a reverence to musician Robert Johnson, who is pronounced to have played is final opening during Three Forks Store before his genocide in 1938.

The Delta Series includes Delta Blue and Delta Dew, Bailey’s blueberry and fig wines, respectively.

“I hadn’t named a fig booze nonetheless when we brought some to Oxford for a tailgate,” Bailey said. “A good crony of cave drank a potion and pronounced that tasting it reminded him of a cool, frail Delta morning when dew is on a leaves.”

So, Delta Dew it became.

Bailey pronounced his bestsellers are Delta Blue and Barrelhouse Red, a red muscadine and merlot blend.

Their booze is sole in usually over a dozen package stores around a state, including Kiamie’s, West Jackson Wine and Spirits and Poppa’s in Oxford, as good as Wines, etc., La Vino and Oscar’s Fine Wine in Tupelo.

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