House of Holland

February 18, 2018 - fall Denim

Backstage, Henry Holland wore a red hoodie with a square of carmine runner on a chest on that was created in McFont: “I adore my job”. So does Holland still adore his? “I do! Sometimes we doubt myself, yet we adore my job. And we am constantly revelation everybody in a studio that they have a best pursuit in a universe – to consider adult ideas and spin them into reality.”

This time, though, a thought was reality. In a uncover called Grown Up, Holland attempted to encapsulate his outlay in a decidedly un-Hollandish manner: “We’re perplexing to be reduction ‘she’s a pirate, she’s a witch, she’s this or she’s that’ and demeanour during a habit we are building for her.”

This was a tightly-packed Holland terrine, comprising several strata of old-school – a self-referential check story; a identical floral; and a broader curtsy to ’90s hip-hop large down jackets condensed during a waist in respect of 2018, with some new garnishes too. The vanishing brushstroke prints that looked like a product of an out-of-date portrayal app were formed on calligraffiti. There was a good balance to a asymmetry of a jackets whose hems veered adult and down during a vent, and that of a collected dresses both brief and long. Frankenstein jackets churned flocked black denim and plain cleared indigo. The boots – hikers and ghillie loafers firm by paracord opposite a top – were great. This was a some-more grown-up collection, in that it presented a landscape of garments rather than a themed apartment of dress – that maybe done it a mite reduction fun to watch, yet most some-more on indicate when it comes to selecting what to wear.

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