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August 25, 2014 - fall Denim


(NBC News) – America, with a glamorous picture of cowboys and stone stars, gave jeans to a world, though now denim is pang from a blues.

Domestic sales of jeans forsaken 6 percent final year, worrying some manufacturers and call VF Corp, a builder of Wrangler and Lee code jeans to set adult a think-tank to come adult with other ways of regulating a particular and hard-wearing painted blue string twill.

Thirty years ago, singer Brooke Shields famously pronounced zero came between her and her Calvin Klein jeans. Nowadays, immature women can’t seem to get distant adequate divided from denim and even guys are forsaking a pants that became a uniform of several post-war generations.

Even Levi Strauss Co, a name synonymous with jeans, is struggling, with second-quarter income dropping 2 percent from final year and net distinction descending a whopping 76 percent since of descending sales in a U.S. It also cut 800 jobs — 20 percent of a non-retail and non-factory positions — as partial of a devise to save adult to $200 million a year.

“A 6-percent dump might not seem like much, though it’s singular for denim to take such a thespian drop. It’s a commodity business, we buy it and feed it all a time.”

A flourishing trend in infrequent wear is all about comfort, and denim is struggling to find a place. Retail and conform experts comparison are not fearful to acknowledge a new look, coined “athleisure,” is all a fury from teenagers branch to leggings instead of jeans and moms sporting their yoga-wear everywhere and all day long.

“There isn’t an ‘it’ object for back-to-school like we had dual years ago,” pronounced Dana Telsey, CEO and arch investigate officer during Telsey Advisory Group. “What there are, there are positively dusters and dresses, there’s these stand tops that seem to be operative and anything with a jaunty bent. Athletic and activewear are positively a new bland wear and that’s function no matter what age people are.”

So is denim pang a delayed genocide or is it usually a plant of variable conform trends? Only time will tell. Jean sales are down 6 percent year-over-year, according to NPD Group and retailers have taken notice.

“A 6-percent dump might not seem like much, though it’s singular for denim to take such a thespian drop. It’s a commodity business, we buy it and feed it all a time,” pronounced Marshal Cohen, arch attention researcher of The NPD Group.

VF Corp has remarkable a decline, with Scott Baxter who heads a company’s jeanswear business, recently observant that a Lee brand, with a 60:40 ratio of women-to-men sales suffered a decrease of about 15 percent in a United States. Interestingly, Wrangler, with usually 20 percent of income entrance from a women’s category, saw a single-digit boost in a Americas.

Baxter told investors that In a Americas, a jeanswear business was confronting continued hurdles “due to a ongoing adverse women’s denim trend.”

Denim creation center

To fight a denim doldrums, VF Corp pronounced it will shortly open a “global denim creation center,” though declined to give serve details.

VF Corp isn’t a usually tradesman feeling a hurt. Piper Jaffray’s biannual “Taking Stock of Teens” consult shows over a final dual years teen girls’ code preferences have changed divided from denim names like Levi’s, Guess, and American Eagle toward jaunty names like Nike, Lululemon, Athleta, Urban Outfitters and Victoria’s Secret.

Affluent teenagers surveyed by Piper Jaffray listed leggings/Lululemon as a tip conform trend for dual seasons in a row. Part of a censure for a denim doldrums, according to Piper Jaffray’, is a miss of “fashion newness” in a marketplace and a creation of fabric record in new years.

That creation is now pushing jeans companies to variegate in sequence to stay stream with a consumer.

Joe’s Jeans is branch to “alternative fabrication” and will be introducing several non-denim programs for a tumble to embody leggings done with “innovative textiles.” The association pronounced in Jul it recognizes leggings as one of a fastest-growing segments in a market.

The Gap, that might be bucking a trend by a sportswear tradesman Athleta, told CNBC a denim tired breakthrough is not new.

“Fashion denim is cyclical. Currently, mid- and high-waist denim styles are trending, in further to soothing pants. Denim is still a widespread difficulty for us during Gap and Old Navy, and we are committed to continual innovation,” pronounced mouthpiece Edie Kissko.

But a NPD Group’s Cohen begs to differ, observant a risk for retailers is that a “athleisure” adore event could have a durability effect.

“It held a denim makers by warn since they have never unequivocally seen it before,” pronounced Cohen, “Trends currently don’t come and go, they come and linger. So if a consumer has migrated divided from denim, it’s going to be really tough to win them back.”

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