Is Jaden Smith quitting his day pursuit to turn a tolerable denim designer?

March 22, 2018 - fall Denim

Meet Jaden Smith, tolerable denim engineer extraordinaire.

The 19-year-old actor-turned-artist-turned-green romantic is collaborating with a Pharrell Williams-assisted denim line, G-Star Raw, on an wholly tolerable line of denim that will be expelled to retailers this fall.

“What [G-Star has] been doing with tolerable creation recently has been so inspiring, generally with a launch of their many tolerable jeans ever,” Smith told Teen Vogue in a statement. “They are during a forefront of denim sustainability, on tip of a denim game. It’s a same thing I’ve been perplexing to do with my Just Water initiative, to innovate in an attention where there is so most room for improvement.”

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Few people might remember that in 2015, Smith and his father, actor Will Smith, co-founded an eco-friendly bottled H2O association called Just Water that creates wrapping from roughly wholly renewable resources, including “plastic” subsequent from sugarcane.

Given G Star’s eco-friendly roots – a association even launched a “Most Sustainable Jeans” collection in Feb – a partnership with a young, eco-conscious actor will continue a brand’s joining to expostulate sustainability.

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The younger Smith told the Associated Press that his regard for a sourroundings began when he was out surfing during about age 10. He saw cosmetic H2O bottles floating in a sea beside him, and he was so dissapoint by it that he told his parents. After training about a Great Pacific Garbage Patch (those floating “islands” of rubbish and cosmetic debris) in school, he insisted that his family do something about it.

“Jaden is a creator, an artist and an impulse for a subsequent era who wish to have a certain impact on a universe around them,” G-Star Raw CMO Thecla Schaeffer pronounced in a statement. “He invariably pushes bounds in mixed fields, in music, design, and in sustainability. He inspires us to keep severe a conventions of tolerable creation in a denim attention and we are respected to have him as a partial of a G-Star Family.”

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After articulate to Pharrell and G-Star, Smith says he satisfied there is an coercion and event to do something more.

“I trust this collab is a good step that brings us closer to where we wish to be,” he sad.

Check out Pharrel giving a sign of capitulation to his new protege.

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