Isa Arfen

February 21, 2018 - fall Denim

Serafina Sama took her Isa Arfen tag to a runway for a initial time today. Her presentations have always been desirable affairs, and she brought a joyous appetite to a uncover with a steel-pan garb that non-stop with a delivery of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” The designer’s studio is skipping stretch from Portobello Road in West London, a longstanding mecca for boho types. Walking by a marketplace stalls in a area has turn a Friday morning ritual. And yet a cold kids tend to hang on a easterly side of town, there’s still copiousness of people-watching to be finished here.

Sama used tellurian flea marketplace and barter accommodate enlightenment as a springboard for her new collection, starting with Joel D. Levinson’s photographs of a California stage of a 1970s. Sama tends toward regretful references, yet this deteriorate there was a eager ’80s appetite about a clothes, and her velvet cocktail dress and lead taffeta trappings had a good hold of Lady Di front and graces. Indeed, many of a garments came brimful with punchy English eccentricities—think plaid blouses with balloon sleeves and pinafore dresses patchworked with tartan.

Isa Arfen is good famous for going-out tops, and Sama has managed to move newness to a thought of off-the-shoulder sauce deteriorate after season. She breathed new life into a demeanour again, holding a somewhat off-kilter proceed to bustiers that were cut on an asymmetrical line. The strapless velvet bodice that was bursting with black bows was also a standout and looked generally uninformed interconnected with jeans, a initial for a designer. The new Isa Arfen denim charity is a healthy expansion for a brand—the ideal element to her dressier fare—and came with all a quirky, personal sum we competence expect: velvet badge belts, plaid knee pads, for example. Sama was wearing a span of them when she walked out to take her shutting bow. “The thing is, we only live in jeans and tees,” pronounced a engineer backstage. “I’ve been looking brazen to creation them for a prolonged time.” Fashion-forward denim heads should be excited, too.

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