I’ve Gone Back To Blonde & Feel Like we Need A Whole New Wardrobe

May 10, 2016 - fall Denim

“What do we mean, I’m not blonde?” we asked my friends, wide-eyed and horrified, over lunch a few months ago. Someone had done a fun about a blond-brunette ratio of a group, and after obscure for a moment, we satisfied that I’d been counted as a brunette. To me, it only didn’t make clarity — since inside, I’ve always been a blonde.

Finding yourself with a brute hair tone happens perilously simply these days, as fast trends like dip-dye and ombré and bronde continue to fuzz a lines between shades. we suspect in these sleazy salon times a hair-color temperament predicament like cave is roughly inevitable. But I’d always assumed, even as we lazily let my healthy mousy-brown roots grow, and my highlights, um, “evolve,” that we remained on a blonde side of a fence. On those mornings when I’d mount sleepily in front of my wardrobe, bereft of inspiration, I’d call to mind my army of sisters: Kate Moss, Brigitte Bardot, Twiggy, Debbie Harry, Drew Barrymore, Lauren Bacall, Soo Joo Park, Cher Horowitz. Suddenly, I’d tumble in adore with a garments in my closet all over again.

But, merely dyeing my hair didn’t solve all of my problems — in fact, it combined an wholly new one in a character department. we should have maybe likely that some shades I’d formerly looked good in — gray marl and hunter green, for instance — only didn’t fit my coloring anymore. But mainly, my new habit issues fell within that nebulous, fascinating area of conform references, inspirations, influences, and identity. A hot-pink Uniqlo T-shirt unexpected done me feel too “Barbie goes to a gym”; a battered, selected faux-fur leopard coupler that once seemed so stone ‘n’ roll, now leaned too distant toward Mrs. Robinson. On a and side, we now glowed in navy, and a white faux-fur coupler that had been grieving during a behind of my habit unexpected had me channeling Grace Kelly. we finally accepted because I’d mysteriously mislaid my conform mojo over a past few months: I’d been perplexing to dress as a blonde, when we was a secrecy brunette — and that doesn’t always work.

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