Jean Shorts Got a Girl Kicked Out of a Casino

June 10, 2016 - fall Denim

Casinos competence be havens for desire — though that doesn’t meant there aren’t dress codes. A lady was escorted out of a Potawatomi Hotel and Casino in Milwaukee after confidence pronounced her shorts were too short.

Becky Paszkiewicz was wearing denim cutoffs, black Converse sneakers, and a hooded sweatshirt when, after about 20 mins during a venue, she was asked to leave. Officials pronounced her bottoms didn’t pass a “fingertip rule,” that requires a hemline strech a fingertips when one’s arms are placed by their side.

“They suggested we buy leggings from a present shop, and afterwards during one indicate he suggested we take off my hoodie and hang it around my waist,” Paszkiewicz told CBS 58. “I told him afterwards I’d be in a tank top, wearing reduction wardrobe than we am now.”

According to a casino’s residence rules, suitable clothing, including boots and shirt, is required, while transparent or excessively divulgence wardrobe and low, saggy pants that exhibit undergarments are restricted from a floor.

“Everyone is looking during we like, ‘What did they do? What’s going on over here?’” Paszkiewicz pronounced about a incident. “It was annoying to be treated like we did something wrong.”

After a occurrence gained courtesy on amicable media, a casino took to Facebook to emanate a statement. “Potawatomi Hotel Casino enforces a dress formula as partial of a confidence protocol. Unfortunately, what happened in this sold instance did not tumble within a suggestion of that dress code. We apologize for any annoyance that this guest gifted as partial of a incident. We will examination a process and take measures to make certain it is being reasonably enforced in a future.”

Although a casino was formerly a unchanging hangout for Paszkiewicz, she has vowed to never return. “That sucked. That sucked a lot.”

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