Jeffrey Dodd

February 11, 2018 - fall Denim

Jeffrey Dodd is famous for formulating red carpet–ready looks as good as luxe, off-duty pieces. This season, he enclosed a best of both worlds and used Italian artist Paolo Scheggi as a jumping off point. For those who are Hollywood-minded, a immature starlet would demeanour stellar in a neon yellow slinky trip dress or a span of flared trousers lonesome in sequins. A beautiful series enclosed an Emilio Pucci-esque imitation that was also done totally out of sequins. The conduct turners were all really blingy and are naturally what stood out, though it’s in a tiny sum where Dodd excels. Take a leather belt with a thin, round steel bend that seemed roughly as if it was squeezed, easily evoking a span themes of Scheggi’s artwork. It was wrapped around a waist of a black leather zip-up tunic, formulating an additional oomph of polish.

On a some-more infrequent side, Dodd has been building denim for a few seasons now. He should continue on that path. He has a knack for elevating a material, such as slicing an understated though super-sexy cut opposite a behind of a white denim top. He rested his white denim breathe from Spring 2018, that now comes in a form of a black kicky denim light with a cut down a front. (There was also a pointed join down a front for a super-tailored effect.) A standout here was a black denim coupler cut with upcycled selected karakul opposite a chest that swiveled down a behind of a sleeve. Dodd has a perceptive eye for stellar cuts: This was a good jacket, and nary a sequin was indispensable to make it shine.

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