John Elliott’s Exclusive Fall-Winter 2016 Show Video

February 6, 2016 - fall Denim

John Elliott has crossed a line. Or, rather, left over it. At slightest according to a name of his latest collection for his namesake label. Dubbed “Over a Line,” a lineup was signature Elliott, that is to contend full of next-level iterations of guys’ go-to silhouettes. “The iota of a collection is done to be ragged during night,” remarkable Elliott, that was clear in both a collection’s capricious palette—heavy on black with accents of ivory, charcoal, and earth-tone browns and burgundies—and a runway show’s staging. Berlin Wall-inspired set pieces (basically hulk slabs of steel) were placed between ladder-like structures of fluorescent tube lights and large underling woofer stacks pumping out thumping sounds pleasantness of DJ twin Woo York. The outcome gave off clear derelict groundwork vibes, a something-bad-might-happen feeling reinforced by a shows blinders-on, brazen marching models. Just watch a disdainful shave next for proof:

According to a uncover notes, Elliott wanted a collection to be “primarily be outerwear-based, centered around nap and leather,” a guarantee that he positively delivered on. Bomber jackets come long-line and quilted. Cold continue essential down jackets are bi-color and rendered in leather and suede. Pullovers and ponchos (the cold kind) are fleece-y, though miles divided from frat-agonia territory. It was as most a march of new pieces as it was a flex of Elliott’s poise of fabrics, as now-ubiquitous sweatpants became uninformed again in a squashy bouclé or a kemp nap topcoat was some-more Matrix than classical menswear piece. Also: denim. And lots of it. Elliott’s recently overhauled denim collection came shredded, cleared down, moto-style articulated, and in a palette that, refreshingly, did not embody indigo. Elliott once pronounced he was entrance for guys’ whole closets and this collection positively valid he’s not abandoning that goal anytime soon.

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