Khloé Kardashian’s Pregnancy Craving Is a Carb Lover’s Dream

March 17, 2018 - fall Denim

Love them or hatred them, there’s no denying that a Kardashian-Jenner sisters are savvy businesswomen. So savvy that when a staggering life eventuality happens, it fast morphs into an event to enhance their ever-growing brand. Case in point: A few months after announcing she was pregnant, Khloé Kardashian is rising a maternity denim line.

Good Mama, accessible today, will tumble underneath a Good American powerful and embody dual cleverly-named styles: The Honeymoon and The Home Stretch. Each span is designed for women during a opposite theatre of their pregnancy—the commencement and a sour end—and facilities pliant fabric and effervescent insets during a waistband. Keeping in line with Good American’s size-inclusive ethos, a denim will be accessible in 00 to 24.

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Shop a look: Good American low-rise jeans, $149;

The Keeping Up with a Kardashians star initial revealed a news on Instagram, as is her wont, with a conformation of her displaying a span of a jeans opposite a light pinkish backdrop. “Until now, we found it tough to emporium for maternity denim—most of a stream options miss stylish sum or aren’t flattering,” Kardashian recently told InStyle in an email. “Pregnancy is such a special time for women, and we trust that we should feel and demeanour a comprehensive best during it.”

Below, some-more from Kardashian on a launch, apropos a mom, and her biggest pregnancy craving.

How are we feeling?

I’m unequivocally advantageous that my pregnancy has been healthy and active, even in these final few weeks. Thankfully, a Home Stretch character was solemnly designed for that accurate duration of time, when we wish ultimate liberation and full swell coverage in your denim. Whether I’m laying around a residence or using errands, they support me and my baby in a cozy, ultra-soft swell cocoon.

What are we looking brazen to a many about being a mom?

Getting to accommodate my baby!

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Shop a look: Good American mid-rise jeans, $159;

What’s a best recommendation Kris has given we about lifting a daughter?

My mom continues to dazzle me, and a fact that she’s lifted so many extraordinary kids is truly impressive. She is a many loving, and has showed me that, even when things get crazy, it’s always best to sojourn positive. I’m also so beholden to have a round of sisters and friends who are good mothers and whom we can demeanour to as purpose models.

What’s been your weirdest pregnancy craving?

I unequivocally haven’t had too many cravings. There was this one time when we NEEDED spaghetti, though we couldn’t confirm if it was a marinara or a pinkish salsa that we wanted, so we had to try both until we felt satisfied. Once we had it, we was good.

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