Kristopher Enuke: A New Take on a 5-Pocket Jean

May 27, 2016 - fall Denim


Kristopher Enuke

Kristopher Enuke is rising a stylish new demeanour for denim this fall. The maestro Los Angeles designer’s namesake tag hurdles a normal five-pocket jean with a singular conform and fit sensibility. Known for his work as creative executive for Kasil, AG and Union and for his former line Oligo Tissew, Enuke is an dignitary in a denim world.

“My past knowledge has always been that we invariably learn with denim. The product is always evolving,” Enuke said. “What I’m perplexing to do is spin a tide. we consider we’ve come to a tip of [the denim] cycle and it’s time for it to start to spin again. It’s time for people to demeanour during their habit and say, ‘I have this jean in my wardrobe, though we consider it’s time for me to get something new and something some-more exciting.’”


The Kristopher Enuke collection appeals to a lady who is looking for personalized fit and has her possess clarity of style.

“There’s a lot [of denim] out there, and a consumer is a lot some-more wakeful and a lot some-more individualistic [now],” Enuke said. To emanate his singular spin on indigo, a Nigerian-born engineer is incorporating his local country’s some-more than 500-year story of sapphire dyeing into a brand.

“I don’t consider it had anything to do with me going into denim, though I’ve always wanted to do something that had a same energy,” Enuke said. The Fall collection takes impulse from a Tuareg clan of a Sahara, who cover their bodies in indigo-dyed cloth. Enuke experimented with dyes in several colors to emanate layered effects and dip-dye treatments with a rustic, deep-indigo character. Made with lush Turkish and Japanese fabrics, a collection is worldly and discriminating nonetheless has a modern, artisanal look. The brand’s DNA is reflected in Enuke’s polished clarity of impression while reflecting a strength of African craft. Minimal though counsel pattern sum embody angled sore pockets with musical tip stitching and behind pockets with patterns of a ebony and phoenix in flight.


“The styling is really exciting, and afterwards once a styling pulls you, a fit sells you,” Enuke said. “I’ve always been famous for fit, and that’s what we wanted to build around.”

The idea is to assistance women feel confident, Enuke said.

“When they put something on, we wish them to feel beautiful,” he said.

Each impression is named to applaud women. Five-pocket styles embody a form-fitting “Queen,” a tack in a collection, and a “Princess,” that has a singular wraparound border and waistband and a sore slot for a stone ’n’ hurl edge. The “Duchess” has a identical wraparound border and waistband and facilities irritable zippers on a legs. One of a many innovative styles is a “Governess.” Designed with a built-in corset, a high-waisted jean flatters, tucks and enhances in all a right places. To erect a jean, Enuke combined a darted inside yoke, that acts as a corset, though a outcome isn’t manifest on a outward of a garment. “What’s critical is a approach it sits on your hip. It does not concede a mantle to shackle we in any way, though during a same time it shows off your form,” Enuke explained.


The collection, that wholesales for $99 to $145, includes denim jeans as good as skirts and trousers in twills such as garment and satine. It has already been picked adult by Ron Robinson on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles and in Santa Monica, Calif.; Church in Los Angeles; Gilda’s in Newton Centre, Mass.; and Brooklyn Denim Co. in Brooklyn, N.Y. For some-more information, call (323) 816-6490 or revisit

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