February 28, 2018 - fall Denim

The tongue around this Lacoste uncover was about sustainability, conservation, and humanity. In his extensive notes, Felipe Oliveira Baptista relayed a engaging story of how René Lacoste was instrumental in planting 125 acres of timberland on land belonging to a family of his wife, Simone Thion de la Chaume. This plan happened during World War II. The skill is only on a French side of a Pyrenees: Basque nation that would have afterwards been underneath a deeply indeterminate Vichy “government.” De la Chaume’s father, also called René, had founded a golf march named Chantaco on a land in 1928—one of a categorical reasons his daughter and son-in-law planted that timberland was to gangling a workers enforced deportation to Nazi Germany.

Baptista combined in those records that this collection noted a coronation of a plug plan in partnership with a charge gift that will see a famous Lacoste crocodile elaboration transposed with 10 intensely at-risk class on a run of 10 polo shirts. The class embody a vaquita (30 remain, apparently), a Javan rhinoceros (67), a California condor (231), and a Cao Vit gibbon (150). As Baptista pronounced of a plan in his notes: “This is the approach of planting trees in 2018.”

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