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December 15, 2014 - fall Denim

It seems zero can reason Lapo Elkann back.

In late October, a Italian playboy-industrialist, Fiat scion and revisit tie on Vanity Fair’s best-dressed list was bouncing around a men’s made-to-measure dialect during Gucci’s new Rodeo Drive boutique, dressed in a white seersucker fit and a camber of tortoiseshell eyeglasses with coloured lenses. Literally bouncing. Elkann launched himself brazen regulating a multiple of a gray cosmetic foot encasing his left leg subsequent a knee and a camber of radiant blue steel crutches that could have come true from a “Tron” column closet. The boot, crutches and an tip physique prop peeking out during a unbuttoned collar of his monogrammed dress shirt came interjection to a Vespa pile-up in Milan several months earlier.

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But a collision wasn’t adequate to keep Elkann divided — or even noticeably delayed his breakneck pace. Over a subsequent month, a hyper-kinetic 37-year-old would ping-pong around a creation like fashion’s Forrest Gump. From L.A. he would conduct to São Paulo, Brazil, to open a South American association domicile of his Italia Independent eyewear brand. By mid-November, he was in New York City, opening his initial stand-alone U.S. boutique. On Dec. 4, he was in Paris, station shoulder-to-shoulder with conform engineer Karl Lagerfeld during a limit on a French economy. By a finish of that week, he would strike Art Basel in Miami Beach for an eventuality in allege of his second U.S. store, set to open there in January.

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Even his seven-day whirlwind revisit to Southern California was a dizzying brew that enclosed a aforementioned Gucci opening (the remodeled boutique houses an endless operation of Lapo’s Wardrobe by Gucci, a partnership between Elkann and a brand), attending a Gucci-sponsored LACMA Art + Film Gala, creation a handful of Hollywood meetings (he is an financier in a film placement association Good Films, that was co-founded by his sister Ginevra) and checking in on a West Hollywood storefront that is to be a third U.S. boutique for his eyewear brand, that has been ragged by celebs including Lady Gaga and Rihanna, Dwyane Wade and Jared Leto.

Although a Milan-based Lapo Elkann frequency registers a blip on a wider U.S. cocktail enlightenment radar, his standout clarity of character has warranted him a unchanging mark on Vanity Fair’s general best-dressed list for a improved partial of a final decade, name-checked as a menswear idol and long-lived collection inspiration. Thanks to enterprises such as a 11/2-year-old Gucci partnership, an Adidas partnership that debuted in October, a new U.S. boutiques and products that camber from a ultra-affordable to a ultra-luxe, a male is about to turn a whole lot improved famous stateside.

Elkann is a great-great-grandson of Fiat owner Giovanni Agnelli. A repeated thesis in many of his projects, from eyewear to a Gucci suits and accessories, is a thought of customization, that comes in vast partial from his family bequest in a vehicle attention — including a ultimate luxe nameplates in grown-up child toys: Ferrari and Maserati.

“Maybe we didn’t know this,” Elkann says, blasting on an e-cigarette over a Palihouse energy breakfast during his visit, “but 93% to 97% of Ferraris are custom. Before doing this [project with] Gucci, we did it with Ferrari. We had a 360-degree customization module with Ferrari where we could have anything we wanted [inside], even denim…. Five, 6 7 years ago, we knew people wanted split — in their cars, in their clothes, in their eyewear. That’s since my eyewear offers millions of customization options.”

It’s tough to consider of a life some-more singly bespoke than that of Lapo Eduard Elkann, who was innate in New York City, lifted in London and Brazil, attended boarding propagandize in a French Alps, complicated in Paris and graduated from London Guildhall University. In 2001, he worked as a personal partner to Henry Kissinger, and entered a family business a subsequent year. There he hold a accumulation of jobs, many in selling and branding of several Fiat-owned brands (Ferrari and Maserati among them).

Through a Agnelli family investment company, Elkann and his dual siblings still possess a determining interest in Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. But he left a day-to-day occupy of a business in 2006, carrying gifted both high points (the successful relaunch of a Fiat 500) and low ones (a near-fatal 2005 drug overdose). He launched a Italia Independent eyewear code in 2007 and a selling and promotion association (Independent Ideas) in 2008.

He met Gucci’s artistic director, Frida Giannini, in 2011, when his ad group teamed with a oppulance code on a customized chronicle of a Fiat 500, finish with leather seats embossed with Gucci’s double G logo.

“This is a partnership that started a matrimony — if we concede me to call it that — between Frida and I…. There was zero out there as distant as high-end menswear that offering something unequivocally singular in terms of materials, in terms of designs, in terms of peculiarity and service,” he said. “I pronounced to Frida: ‘Why don’t we do something that will squeeze those business during a really top?'”

That thought would turn existence in summer 2013 with Lapo’s Wardrobe by Gucci, an eye-catching made-to-measure plug collection designed by Elkann and Giannini. It includes colorful and resolutely patterned suits, shirts, knitwear, boots and accessories, all offering with customization options trimming from picking a kind of buttons and character of monogram to adding a silk backing desirous by an archival Gucci imitation to a fit jacket. A fit in a collection retails for around $8,800 — some-more than twice a normal cost of a unchanging Gucci made-to-measure suit.

“He’s a fact weird — if we didn’t figure that out,” conform engineer Jeremy Scott says of Elkann. “He’s spooky with things. we went to his residence since he wanted to uncover me how most of my things he had. We literally went by his whole closet and he was like: ‘I had this tradition done since we wanted a brighter color, and this and this.’ It creates clarity that he’d do [a collection], since he’s arrange of been his possess haberdasher in a approach for a prolonged time.”

The collection with Gucci represents a Lapo of luxury, though Elkann wants both ends of a customization spectrum, “not only in luxury, though affordable oppulance and in brands people can means day to day. This is for phones, suits, shoes, a TV and on eyeglasses and sunglasses,” Elkann says.

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