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June 3, 2017 - fall Denim

What’s a disproportion between Alexa Chung the person and ALEXACHUNG a brand? Notwithstanding a obvious—the miss of a space and shouty capitalization—that’s a flattering low question. Most generally if we occur to be Alexa Chung. The 33-year-old tellurian herself was backstage this dusk during a entrance uncover of ALEXACHUNG. It was hold in a Danish church adjacent to Regent’s Park in London and felt like a wedding. There was a double blast of pinkish confetti during a end, and a ribboned selected Mercedes automobile parked on a sand outside. The final demeanour was a prettily bridal-appropriate white broderie anglaise dress, and a 20-strong conspirator of close-to-angels from a Capital Children’s Choir sang “Good Vibrations” by The Beach Boys. It was rather lovely. But who was marriage whom?

According to Chung—who pronounced with semi-ironic compensation afterwards, mid-Camel Light, that she had a pretension when a looks didn’t come out quickly enough—the kinship was that of her and her brand. Chung is a shockingly pleasing lady of scatter-dash, hilarious, and self-deprecating appearance who has turn famous for wearing garments compellingly. But those were other people’s clothes. This was a see-now buy-now fruit of a multi-millionaire-backed bid (led by Peter Dubens) to parlay Chung’s banking into CURRENCY.

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