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June 28, 2015 - fall Denim

In black and white, analog fasten players whirl. The thespian warms adult his voice with a gospel “whoa” to incite farming spirits. He kindly tunes his guitar, sheepishly scrutinizes a camera, stairs to a microphone, and a stage shifts. The ­silhouette of Leon Bridges walks in delayed suit down a ­darkened travel underneath a faded marquee: leather boots shined, slacks pressed, felt shawl slanted during a fashionable angle. The malt-shop essence kick shuffles. Then he belts out: “Baby, baby, baby, I’m entrance home.”

Leon Bridges: The Billboard Shoot

This, a opening stage from a video for “Coming Home,” was many people’s initial demeanour during Bridges, a 25-year-old Fort Worth, Texas, internal who sparked a mad behest fight shortly after a tide of a strain premiered final tumble on taste-making blog Gorilla Vs. Bear. Since then, he has turn one of a many ballyhooed immature essence singers in years, eliciting raves during South by Southwest and earning large synchs in iTunes and Beats commercials. Sam Cooke is a go-to comparison — a customary that seems ridiculously high until we indeed hear him sing.

“It’s crazy — we didn’t grow adult with any of this music,” reflects Bridges during a unaccompanied report mangle during home in Dallas. Since signing with Columbia in late 2014, he has toured ­constantly, including a spellbinding Late Late Show ­performance, in a lead-up to his debut, Coming Home, expelled Jun 23. “All this shows that we can’t learn essence music. It has to be something already inside you. It’s not something that we can try to do — it’s who we are.”

Meet Leon Bridges, a Throwback Soul Star-to-Be Who Won SXSW

A century ago, his flexibility and out-of-nowhere climb would’ve led people to consider a crossroads agreement with a demon a la blues fable Robert Johnson. But to sing essence like he does takes tough work and tough times. Painfully bashful as a child (and still noticeably reticent when he’s not onstage), Bridges has a blissful gospel timbre that suggests church-choir knowledge — though he was too uncertain to indeed audition. “I didn’t consider we could sing,” says Bridges. “I knew we could do things here and there, though didn’t consider we was good adequate to fit.”

He describes his childhood persona in most a same approach — as a pariah. After his kin distant when he was 7, he separate time between suburban Fort Worth and inner-city Dallas, where his father worked during a village center. His family was poor, and shortly after Hurricane Katrina, 10 kin from New Orleans temporarily came to live with him, his mom and his half-sister. He was surrounded by people, though still felt alone. “I didn’t know where we fit in,” he says. “I didn’t have any friends during school. People didn’t wish to be friends [with me]. we had no place.”

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Bridges idly dreamed of escape, drowning himself in a same strain other kids his age were listening to. He didn’t even know of a essence greats he’d after be compared to. “Nostalgia for me isn’t Sam Cooke,” he says, “as most as it’s listening to a Ginuwine strain or conference Dallas hip-hop and remembering dancing to it in my garage.”

At a circuitously village college, Bridges complicated dance, desirous by saying his father moonwalk as a kid, he says. He picked adult singing and guitar as a hobby during first, and ­eventually began personification during open mics and tiny shows. His sound developed from neo-soul, to folky RB to normal essence with horn — ideal for a final delayed dance of a night. “A crony asked if Sam Cooke was an inspiration. I’d never listened, though we wanted to know my roots, so we looked him adult on YouTube and Pandora,” says Bridges. “Once we listened it, we saw it — that was a strain that we wanted to write.”

But after a integrate of years personification locally, Bridges struggled to attract some-more than 20 people to shows. He bused tables and lived during home. After his mom mislaid her medical-field job, he got a second one soaking dishes. Then he met Austin Jenkins, guitarist from Austin psych-rock rope White Denim, during a Fort Worth bar. He beheld Bridges’ unaccompanied ’50s conform character — frail slacks, stiff collars, high-waist jeans, artistic selected suits. (“It all started when one of my mom’s comparison friends gave me his childhood garments when we was a teenager,” says Bridges of his look. “It’s humorous when people consider it’s only a selling scheme.”) They took a photo, had a drink and figured they would substantially never accommodate again — until Jenkins incidentally stumbled on Bridges dual weeks after during a internal dive, where he was personification to a throng of five. The initial strain he played? “Coming Home.”

Listen to Leon Bridges’ Chilling New Single ‘River’

“He’s singing to you, not during you,” says Jenkins, who co-produced Coming Home with associate White Denim partner Joshua Block, recording live on all-analog gear, including a soundboard once owned by The Grateful Dead. “He listened to Texas blues, gospel and RB, and filtered it by himself. It’s authentic and direct.”

The songs on Coming Home are somehow concurrently obligatory and nostalgic, smiling and tearful, conjuring lost memories of a dead America. “Twistin and Groovin” describes a assembly of his grandparents: “Up underneath that red dress are legs prolonged as a lagoon trees/She got a golden smile, we know she’s a one for me in a room,” he sings. “Brown Skin Girl” is a adore minute to his ex-girlfriend. “Lisa Sawyer” pays reverence to his 1963-born mom of a same name. One of his proudest moments in a year full of them was profitable off her debt in January.

“I don’t like to write adorned essence songs,” says Bridges. “I’m essay from a heart, stories about family and truth. we only wish people to see a genuine person.”

Listen to Leon Bridges (and other artists from this emanate of Billboard) in a playlist below:

This story creatively seemed in a July 4 emanate of Billboard.

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