Levi’s Denim Jacket With Jacquard Tech Available This Fall, Priced during $350

March 13, 2017 - fall Denim

levis commuter trucker coupler jacquard

Last Google I/O, a Google ATAP group announced a partnership with Levi’s to bring Project Jacquard record to a denim jacket. This past weekend during SXSW, it was announced that Levi’s Commuter denim coupler with a Jacquard tech will be accessible this fall, labelled during $350. 

Starting as a beta (yes, a beta for clothing), a Commuter with Jacquard will concede for wearers to see alerts for turn-by-turn directions (Maps integration), keep lane of “meaningful destinations” along a ride, as good as accept name notifications. All of this is interjection to a pairing of your intelligent device with a tab trustworthy to a jacket, that is bending adult to sensors woven directly into a fabric. Should we need to rinse a garment, simply mislay a tag, afterwards we can provide it like any other mantle in a wash.

levis commuter trucker coupler jacquard

Taken directly from Google’s ATAP site, “Jacquard allows wearers to control their mobile knowledge and bond to a accumulation of services, such as song or maps, directly from a jacket. This is generally useful when it competence be formidable to use a intelligent phone, like when we are roving on your bike.”

For a good overview during what Jacquard will be on this Levi’s jacket, check out a video below.

Now, as we mentioned, a coupler will cost $350. To be one of a initial to wear this thing around town, Levi’s has an email signup we can enter, that will during slightest keep we in a loop per the availability.

Is this on your Christmas list for 2017?

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Via: Levi’s

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