Lion Babe’s Jillian Hervey Loves Her Denim Like Her Disco Idols: Funky and Original

April 5, 2016 - fall Denim

When Jillian Hervey, a bombshell frontwoman of alt-RB twin Lion Babe, walked into a Amsterdam domicile of denim association G-Star final week, she was donning a denim chronicle of one of her signature looks: a thigh-skimming, waist-whittling, flared minidress true from G-Star’s Spring 2016 collection with Kurt Geiger over-the-knee, height velvet boots. Her “lion’s mane” of blonde curls was teased to a heavens. If she wasn’t in city to debate G-Star’s expanded domicile with a company’s new co-owner and her low-pitched collaborator, Pharrell Williams, you’d theory she was set to strike a stage. But after that dusk when we sat down for a discuss about opening and off-duty style, she explained that denim is executive to her bland uniform.

Here, a thespian who once crooned “I got body, no matter what we wear” tells us how she reworks selected denim for a many graceful fit, how she channels Chaka Khan’s ’70s disco-goddess vibes, and since she’s prepared to try out G-Star overalls come fall.

’70s Flares for Off-Duty Style
To be honest, I’m in adore with denim. It hasn’t been my go-to Lion Babe look, yet it’s unequivocally many my “everyday Jillian look.” we am in denim each singular day. My favorite right now is a wide-leg-flare, high-waisted jean. That’s what I’ve always been looking for, even dating behind to center propagandize when we was unequivocally confused. we only wanted something to agree my body, and denim is so unsentimental and easy and classic. we always lift from a 1970s; that’s only a unequivocally good fit for me.


Photo: Courtesy of G-Star

Preworn Is Best!
We did a fire with Petra Collins for Levi’s recently. That was great, since we unequivocally do adore a selected span of Levi’s jeans—I adore ragged denim in general. For a initial video, “Treat Me Like Fire,” we was wearing these denim cutoff shorts we got during a preservation store in a East Village. we only had to wear them for that video.

A Lioness Is Hardly Afraid of a Canadian Tuxedo
I unequivocally like a resurgence of a ’90s vibe, and we can’t go wrong with a Canadian Tuxedo. we never consider it’s bad to covering denim, either it’s colors or shapes. Going by a bureau today, we was many drawn to a pairs that felt unequivocally patchwork. we like things that are a small funky.

Tailor Your Vintage Jeans to Your Curves
I have really felt that frustration: Where we would go into Barneys and try on each span of jeans, and afterwards something about each span is only kind of off. It’s so frustrating to get a fit that complements your body. we consider a best thing is to demeanour for vintage; once we find a right pair, though, we have to do your possess adjustments. Take it to a tailor. Luckily we have a person—we work together a lot and he’s a unequivocally good tailor. So I’ll ask him, “Can we take these in? Or light these out a small bit?” Denim is a staple, so we always wish to have a square that’s applicable and not like you’re forcing it.

Taking Performance Style Cues From Chaka Khan
When we initial started Lion Babe, we wore a lot of denim to perform in since we had a singular closet. A lot of a time we was in cutoff shorts—either dim or light denim—and afterwards we would span them with whatever tip we had. Because we come from a dance background, we was some-more gentle in a leotard. But I’d adore to perform in denim that offers some-more movement, with sum and fringe. we always consider about how Chaka Khan used to take suede, all these classical fabrics, and afterwards make them unequivocally movable. She’s my everything!


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