Lucky Brand Launches Fall’s Coolest Statement-Making Denim Jacket

September 20, 2016 - fall Denim

No matter how aged we get, PSL season still creates us wish to go behind to school—well, back-to-school shopping is some-more accurate. Luckily, a favorite designers feel a same way. For those of us with a critical box of nostalgia, Lucky Brand is bringing us a plug collection that delivers large on old-school vibes.

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The conform tradesman is teaming adult with Los Angeles-based artist Ornamental Conifer—known for his punk-y nonetheless brightly colored artworks featuring idioms and eye-catching typography—for a plug collection of striking tees, selected bandanas and one-of-a-kind hand-painted denim and leather jackets.

“I wish a collection to stress that we, as humans, are all unique,” Conifer told Allure. “I know that sounds unequivocally corny, though we feel unequivocally strongly that we, as a society, have nonetheless to unequivocally sense a impact that a digital age we live in has had on us as people….Each coupler we done is totally unique, there is no possibility that we will accommodate someone else wearing a same square as you.”

Lucky Brand and Ornamental Conifer denim jacket

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The customized denim trend has been picking adult steam this season. For such a character staple, a denim coupler has been reinvented some-more times than we can count. This latest take on a habit essential is adding an additional lurch of cheekiness to your tumble closet. Part wearable art, partial torpedo tumble outerwear, a Ornamental Conifer denim and leather jackets underline hand-painted punny nonetheless thought-provoking written messages—adding some corner to a flattering customary jeans company.

“For us, collaborating with someone as authentic and artistic as Conifer came unequivocally naturally since we’ve always embraced individuality….His cultured is so strange and brought such a fun and confident hold to iconic Lucky Brand pieces,” Kin Ying Lee, Lucky Brand’s arch artistic officer, pronounced in a statement.

The whole plug collection will launch online and in name Lucky Brand stores on Oct 14. The selected bandanas and striking tees will both sell for $50 and under, though a jackets will cost you. For one of a 59 singular denim and leather jackets, you’ll have to bombard out during slightest $750. Despite a cost tag, there is a vital box to be done for investing in one-of-a-kind closet items—with an Ornamental Conifer original, you’re literally removing a square of wearable art. Something tells us your high-school art clergyman would severely approve.

Allure‘s conform director, Rachael Wang, shares her character advices:

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