Mackintosh Men’s RTW Fall 2016

January 10, 2016 - fall Denim

The Scottish code remained true to a roots in protecting outerwear and filled a tumble collection with Army references.

The Scottish code remained true to a roots in protecting outerwear and filled a tumble collection with Army references. Highlights enclosed an oversize garment in a abounding immature hue, desirous by silhouettes from a Second World War, and a full-length cloak with a charge strap — an paper to a troops biker jacket.


Coats were finished in a palette of camel, Bordeaux, bottle immature and light navy, while a tag also grown a chalk-white chronicle of a signature rubberized string raincoat, peaked with black buttons and cuffs.


The code also debuted a plug operation done from Japanese denim that enclosed a jacket, jeans and button-down shirt. “We’re Japanese-owned, and we wanted to inject a bit of Japan into a company,” pronounced tellurian code manager Sophie Wright. “We wish to have a some-more complicated patron as good as a some-more classical one and we feel that a denim unequivocally reaches out to them.”

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