Margot Robbie went full-on Rosie a Riveter in this double denim outfit

December 1, 2017 - fall Denim

Oh denim, let us count a ways we adore thee. With a T-shirt and jeans. With some heels and a lead top. As a mini dress or short-shorts. Even as an whole outfit! Because sometimes, denim deserves to be a core of attention. For example, Margot Robbie’s double denim demeanour is Rosie a Riveter chic, reminding us that absolute feminist icons and denim are a compare done in heaven. After all, jeans were combined for a operative class, for miners to wear since of a durable nature. And when Rosie done her debut, and done her denim shirt famous, she did so for all a women operative in factories and shipyards during WWII.

Now, Margot Robbie is channeling Rosie in her possess denim look, reminding us that “we can do it” no matter what — generally when we’re wearing a extreme denim look.

Margot was seen wearing a full Calvin Klein denim garb while strolling by New York City, and now we’re even some-more desirous to move denim into a winter wardrobe. The singer wore a collared denim shirt and relating jeans, both in a dim rinse with resisting red stitching. She interconnected this outfit with a black turtleneck, black mules, and a rinse of splendid coral lipstick, bringing out a low sapphire tone of a denim even more.

If you’ve been unexcited with your tumble or winter wardrobe, maybe try some denim! We adore Margot’s low shade and a thought of layering pieces like a turtleneck underneath a button-up. You can even span this outfit with a red bandana to unequivocally channel Rosie a Riveter.

Swipe on some red or pinkish lipstick to channel Rosie — or Margot! — and you’ll be feeling like a denim doll in no time.

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