Marissa Webb

December 15, 2017 - fall Denim

Marissa Webb was feeling sentimental this season. For Pre-Fall, she told a story of her grandfather and his work as a troops sea captain in a 1930s and ’40s. She talked about saying his fisherman’s cloak hung on a behind of a front doorway to their residence and remembered photographs of him in his neat uniform with a clever lines and trousers done to fit roughly absurdly high on a man’s waist.

Webb’s interpretation of this fit for women’s pants was really her strongest pattern in a stream collection. She done a pants with a double waistband and spare leg in varying washes of denim and her signature olive immature and dim khaki colors. Elsewhere, there were flattering small pinkish and black velvet trip dresses with stormy hems, that were interconnected with clever military-inspired bullion symbol jackets. Some of a lacy skirts and tops felt out of place amidst a practical World War II–era garb; tailoring and structure are where Webb shines. One white T-shirt review “William, William, William,” on a front, as a curtsy to her grandfather, her father (also named William), and her father Guillaume (which translates to William in English). It was a good and really personal hold for this New York designer.

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