Mayor Nancy McFarlane Really Wants a Dalai Lama to Visit Raleigh Next Year

May 4, 2017 - fall Denim

If all goes to plan, Madame Mayor will broach Raleigh’s greetings to His Holiness in mid-May, along with an invitation.

That is, Mayor Nancy McFarlane has requisitioned a outing to India, during her expense, and will move a Dalai Lama a many dozens of request flags that people stamped Sunday.

A low-key afternoon eventuality during a budding Oak City sequence of Dix Park was orderly by McFarlane (courting a be-here-now opinion in this fall’s election?), along with Raleigh Denim founders Sarah Yarborough and Victor Lytvinenko and Bida Manda co-owner Vansana Nolintha. “We unequivocally do wish that he will come and revisit us,” pronounced McFarlane, who has invited a Dalai Lama for a 2018 visit.

The trip to Dharamsala won’t be a initial assembly for McFarlane, who encountered a Dalai Lama during an eventuality in Kentucky. Protocol compulsory that she not residence him though usually mount circuitously and wait a reaction.

“All of a remarkable he grabbed my hand and said, ‘Let’s get a picture,'” she recalled.

Last year, a Raleigh organisation called a Dalai Lama Initiative Committee, including McFarlane, came together to move a personality of a world’s Tibetan Buddhists to town. Initial response to a invitation was positive, according to a city’s press office.

This essay seemed in imitation with a title “+THE MAYOR THE DALAI LAMA.”

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