McGuire Denim Expands Into Sportswear

June 23, 2016 - fall Denim


McGuire Denim is famous for a silken take on birthright denim, and this Fall, with a incursion into sportswear, a code is staid for growth. The denim tag will launch knits with Club Monaco’s “Brands We Love” in July, and a denim and new line of sportswear will be featured this tumble as partial of Nordstrom’s “Brands on a Rise.” E-commerce is also on a horizon.

McGuire Denim debuted in 2013 during Ron Herman and is now carried in 300 stores in a U.S. as good as internationally. Worn by models and celebrities including Cindy Crawford, Mila Kunis, Emily Ratajkowski and Gigi Hadid, a line is a “go to” for a stylish set. Created by President and Head of Design Marianne McDonald and father and Chief Executive Officer Coby McDonald, McGuire is innate from a adore for denim. Marianne McDonald landed her initial pursuit as sportswear and denim engineer during Joe’s Jeans after attending Otis College of Art and Design following a grade in English novel from a University of Oregon. She was after recruited as a pattern executive for Gap 1969. But her adore for denim unequivocally began while flourishing adult in a independent college city in Oregon.


“I consider that had a large change on my aesthetic,” McDonald said. “I have a gusto for washed-down blue jeans and delicate tops. we consider we see that in a collection currently too.”

McDonald motionless to launch McGuire after seeing a need in a market. “I felt that there was something blank in a marketplace that distinguished denim’s practical origins though was done with a curtsy to femininity,” she said. “I’ve always desired a thought of a silken take on birthright denim. My pattern group and we are desirous by a judgment of habit being means to make your life better. A bit some-more glamorous, a bit some-more fun.”

To emanate a collection, McDonald utilizes reward denim from some of a best mills in a world, including Candiani, a family-owned Italian mill, and Isko, that is formed in Turkey. Though denim fabric is sourced overseas, a engineer takes a hands-on proceed to producing a collection in Los Angeles.

The collection includes denim jeans, jackets and chambray shirts, and for Fall a tag has combined sportswear. A core conformation is a brand’s signature “Newton Skinny,” that is desirous by a sexy, complicated styling of Helmut Newton’s iconic photos. For Fall, pivotal looks embody cropped and true silhouettes such as a “Cropped Valetta Straight” in “Rialto,” that has an disproportionate ripped-up hem. Shorter length flares and cropped bootcuts with taken-down hems that strike a few inches above a ankle are also uninformed for a season.


Denim outerwear is pivotal for a line, and for Spring a code debuted a initial twill army jacket, that sole out during retail. McDonald also began adding sportswear to a collection for Spring. “I consider we’re in a unequivocally large sportswear cycle,” she explained. “Our business were seeking for designs that go with a denim. Spring this year unequivocally announced that.”

Chambray tops and linen tops that span behind with jeans were good perceived by buyers, she added.

For Fall, selected continues to enthuse a collection. New sportswear equipment in a stretched collection embody T-shirts, sweatshirts, bombers, Henleys and twill motorcycle jackets. Feminine styles such as a “Hideaway” shirt is done in Spanish gauze, and a “Sorbonne Ruffle” tip has flirty, stormy details.

“Our sportswear, most like a jeans, are flattering most a forms of things we’d strech for when removing dressed,” McDonald said. While a engineer doesn’t devise to enter a athleisure market, a sportswear collection was designed as it pertains to denim.

“We have stretched into sportswear since we have people that wish some-more than only jeans,” she said. “There‘s that ardour for things that aren’t sapphire and that pronounce to whatever their lifestyle competence be.”


For example, T-shirts, that will entrance during Club Monaco, are designed to wear with a brand’s denim washes. And buyers are now looking for blouses and tops to span with jeans and skirts.

“I consider people are into a whole demeanour of a code these days. … That’s a vital seismic shift,” explained a designer, who combined that scarcely half of a Fall orders were non-denim. “You can qualification your whole habit out of McGuire if we wanted to, that is kind of fun,” she said.

McGuire Denim is carried during retailers including Saks, Nordstrom, J.Crew, Ron Herman, American Rag,Henry Lehr, Club Monaco, Bloomingdale’s, and Retail prices are $215 to $238 for jeans, $90 to $220 for tops and $322 to $495 for jackets. For some-more information, hit a Community Service Showroom during (213) 624-0824.

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