Melissa Joan Hart: “I’m Too Busy to Be a Stage Mom’

March 2, 2015 - fall Denim

On mom guilt: My father calls me “Santa” since we spoil a kids. we do it since we see them reduction than he does — ‘Oh, we wish a lollypop? OK!’ — it’s mom guilt, for sure. My father has a iron fist. we wish we didn’t do it, though I’ll contend to a kids, ‘Do we wish me to call Daddy and tell him what we did?’ we always suspicion I’d be despotic though I’m not. After 12 years of marriage, my father and we behind any other adult [when it comes to discipline.] We also give a kids good and bad check outlines that we keep on a fridge. Time-outs don’t unequivocally work so we’ll take divided a iPad or cancel playdates. And if a kids swear, they get their mouthes cleared out with vinegar.

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