Milan designers demeanour to a destiny and past

January 19, 2016 - fall Denim

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MILAN (AP) – Milan designers looked both to a destiny and a past to emanate contemporary looks for group subsequent winter and fall.

The conform universe continued a intense tributes to David Bowie, distinguished as an idol in a music, art and conform worlds alike, a remembrances touching in their understated persistence. Giorgio Armani non-stop his Emporio Armani uncover with records from a singer’s “Space Oddity,” while Gucci artistic executive Alessandro Michele combined a coupler with “Bowie” printed resolutely on a behind that he pronounced he intends to embody in a film for a fall/winter 2016/2017 collection.

Some highlights from Monday’s shows, including looks from Gucci, Emporio Armani, Ermanno Scervino, Fendi and Canali.


Creative executive Alessandro Michele combined a dreamlike backdrop to empty a chest full of 1970s memories for his latest Gucci menswear collection. The looks were presented underneath a reddish light in a creatively red-carpeted outworn sight repository that a designer, now in his second year during Gucci, has claimed as his theater.

“These are my cultured memories that in a finish are totally opposite from yours, though it’s an thought to work after,” Michele pronounced backstage after his menswear preview for subsequent tumble and winter.

His runway-realized memories pronounce of a happy boyhood, with a Sherlock Holmes-style investigator garment and cap, this one with crocheted ear covers; Snoopy and Woodstock motifs on T-shirts, a thesis that he elaborated after into a Charlie Brown sweater, and a crinkly Western cowboy shirt with boot-leg jeans.

But a boyhood lens also picked adult on a adult world, and there was floral tapestry that became coats and suits, crocheted capes and hats that suggested a amatory hand, and friendly pajamas with floral embroidery. Each memory was also elaborated: colorful totems were practical to a behind of floral jackets; knitted hats had dainty ears or fantastical beast faces; investigator capes came in distinguished red, abounding fur and classical plaid.

The looks were finished with a mélange of rings, beaded necklaces, some with pendants, and headbands with a palm motif. Michele also reinterpreted classical 1970s Gucci. A golden purse was satisfied with glittery Gucci red-and-green stripes. The Gucci ditch was white, ragged with a thespian red hat.

Michele’s uncover records were intimidatingly patrician “Poetic Reactivation,” and cited 3 philosophers, one French, one German, and one Russian. Backstage, he pronounced a starting indicate for a collection was a thought of “fragmented beauty” that he took from a late Walter Albini, one of a pioneers of Italian ready-to-wear.

“I adore a thought that there is an appetite in any singular thing we do, and any singular square that we put on a clothes. Everything is really precious,” Michele said.


The Emporio Armani male is civic and sleek, means to pierce simply in his civil environment. He has a well-defined geometry, though also fluidness. There is no excess, usually a essential.

Giorgio Armani used new record to bond materials for his line directed during some-more childish dressers, formulating new forms and a unconventional feel. More grave double-breasted jackets were ragged with liquid pleated trousers, while connected denim trousers were far-reaching and stiff, interconnected with a relating coupler for an roughly robotic effect. A shawl coupler had a infrequent erratic zipper ragged with athletically cut pants.

The engineer ornate trouser legs with laser-cut squares and shirts with clusters of triangles, formulating emblems that wouldn’t be out of place on a space shuttle.

The tone intrigue was further regimented, mill grays, timberland immature and low blue, with fabrics infrequently holding on a speckled outcome of granite, or a repeating Escher geometrical settlement in a print. There was usually one peep of color, a teal blue and magenta tie. Shoes were thick-soled, while bags were useful vast backpacks and shoppers.

Armani announced his unconventional vigilant during a opening of a runway show, promulgation out a group of snowboarders given in tin-foil china sleet parkas interconnected with swirling black, white and gray leggings. Perhaps a out-of-this universe demeanour was in a approach another Bowie tribute.


Ermanno Scervino’s collection for subsequent winter takes a arena from sporty to elegance. That’s not usually a looks though a artistic method.

Scervino built on his imagination with edging to emanate elegant, florid coats out of embroidery, weaving strands of thread together as if macramé to emanate swirls of transformation with an Astrakhan effect. The three-quarter length sleeves were finished in fur.

What’s more, a cloak is equally attractive on a lady as a man, as Scervino demonstrated by promulgation both down a runway together.

The engineer took glam to new heights with crystal-encrusted fabric, that he fashioned into knee-length coats, trousers and a side-wrap dress. What’s good for a crow is good for a gander.

“It’s not adequate for a engineer to have a business. He needs to innovate and experiment,” he said.

The Florentine designer, who depends Kim Kardashian and Oprah Winfrey among his clients, has recently non-stop a Miami store as partial of a fast flourishing boutique network – his initial in a United States.


Life is flattering plush during Fendi, with a indication gliding down a carpeted turn staircase in a balmy plaid overcoat-cum-day dress with relating trousers to a balmy tones of essence music.

Think of Jack Nicholson personification golf in his robe, one of a references on Silvia Venturini Fendi’s mood residence backstage.

Fendi’s looks for subsequent winter were all about soft, friendly comfort, right down to a agreeably sensuous accessories: A parka with yellow fur trim was interconnected with a vast yellow, bushy bag.

Plaids and checks on jackets, pants and bags combined a native feel, and Fendi resolutely interconnected mohair jackets with relating pants, for a clear Fozzie Bear feel. The demeanour got even some-more friendly with a bell-shaped hat.

Fendi emblazoned T-shirts, jackets and accessories with a content burble with Fendi inside, as a code latches on to a digital conversation. And a engineer also combined her possess emojis, differently famous as Fendi Faces, by positioning, for example, inconsolable eyes over a bag’s fasten station in as a mouth. One leather cloak deftly placed eyes on any elbow, giving a blink to whoever is walking behind a wearer.

The courtesy to fact and oppulance were clearly clear in a shearling cloak with a check settlement combined with a same inlaid leather techniques polished by a conform house.


Andrea Pompilio tamed a prints for his Canali plug collection with dim hues: teal and dim navy check achieved a new tonality.

“It creates a dark colorful,” Pompilio pronounced backstage after his preview show.

Contrast came from a colorful shirts and printed ties, in mustard, decay and chartreuse.

“I like when we have this really grave demeanour to give something to light adult all a looks,” he said.

An anorak of balmy double-faced fabric with a removable shearling backing was a matter piece, ragged over a coupler and color-blast shirt and tie.

He finished a looks with pushing leather gloves with weave cuff.

This story corrects a initial name of Gucci’s artistic executive to Alessandro instead of Andrea in a 2nd paragraph.

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