Moleskine Fall & Winter Event in New York City

December 11, 2017 - fall Denim

A few months ago we had a pleasure of going to a Moleskine 2017 Fall Winter Preview in New York City. They denounced new products such as planners, bags, notebooks and more. we had a good time holding in a overwhelming views of a New York City skyline while observation some poetic new products. Let’s take a demeanour during what’s accessible now from one of a favorite stationery brands!

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I was greeted during a doorway of a Soho Grand Hotel penthouse apartment with a sea of Moleskine products and light beverages and snacks.

I initial watched a demo of a Moleskine Smart Writing Set. Included is a inscription containing special paper designed to work with a stylus called a Pen+.

Described as “Ncoded technology”, a inscription allows a Pen+ to commend where it is in a Paper Tablet and constraint any coop stroke, afterwards constraint it on a app. It looks like a nifty multiple of a analog and digital worlds.

I afterwards visited a hire where illustrator Meagan Morrison of TravelWriteDraw was personalizing a covers of several Moleskine classical notebooks. We were means to select a cover tone and a pattern to keep!

I was unequivocally vehement to get this beauty! we chose a NYC skyline on a classical black notebook. It still sits on my shelf since we can’t bear to use it!

Dotted around a apartment were some some-more new notebooks being expelled this tumble and winter, including a following:

Rolling Stones Limited book (with ruled pages). These feature a mythological Rolling Stones tongue idol on a opposite pleasing element desirous by Mick Jagger’s impracticable wardrobe: denim, velvet, silk and classical Moleskine PU leather.

The Denim Collection of notebooks (with ruled pages) which reflects and celebrates values of exploration, free-spirited creativity and self-expression.

Star Wars Limited Edition notebooks (with ruled pages). Each cover facilities iconic conflict scenes from a movies, depicting a epic and undying onslaught of good contra evil.

Moleskine Watercolor pencils for a artist in you. The colors enclosed in a container are Pitch Black, Woodnote Brown, Maze Green, Breathe Green, Lift Blue, Plunge Blue, Rave Purple, Blush Pink, Pulse Red, Glow Orange, Shine Yellow and Dazzle White.

There are a Grinch Limited Edition notebooks (with ruled pages) accessible in dual designs here.

Keith Haring Special Edition notebooks with several cover designs (pocket and vast sizes, with ruled pages).

Snow White Limited book notebooks with pleasing several designs (pocket and vast sized, ruled pages).

Other than notebooks, Moleskine expelled their Classic trek in PU and leather options in several colors.

The trek is a good further to any operative veteran who wants a neat pattern and room for a laptop adult to 15″ in size.

The distance of these backpacks are: 12.5 in x 16.5 in x 4.25 in.

For those weekend trips away, Moleskine has their Classic Duffle accessible in PU leather. The distance is 17.75 in x 13.5 in x 8.375 in.

A new line of iPhone 7 and 7Plus cases and covers are accessible in a colors black, Steel blue, Scarlet red, and Hay yellow.

Alice in Wonderland and Peanuts singular book notebooks join a garland of new notebooks(pocket, large, and ruled pages).

Here’s a NYC skyline and One World Trade Center. Too bad it was a pale day!

For a arriving holiday season, Moleskine products would make a good present for a chairman of any age! There are so many styles and fun covers to select from that you’ll find something for your desired ones. You can take a demeanour during all a products online on their site during, or revisit any of the retail stores around a universe and check Amazon online.

Thank we Moleskine for a opportunity!

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