Natasha Poly Gets Mixed Reactions as a New Face of Frame Denim (Forum Buzz)

July 23, 2015 - fall Denim

She’s racking adult utterly a list of campaigns this season, scoring a likes of La Perla, Isabel Marant and Michael Kors, nonetheless it seems as nonetheless Natasha Poly isn’t utterly finished yet. The blond beauty has only been announced as a new face of Frame Denim, replacing associate Russian indication Sasha Pivovarova. Continuing with a black and white theme, Natasha channels her middle songstress as she binds a microphone before a lens of a co-founder of Frame Denim, Erik Torstensson.

Frame Denim Fall 2015 Ad Campaign Natasha Poly by Erik Torstensson


“Eh, we adore Frame Denim, nonetheless this doesn’t fit or showcase a tag during all,” HeatherAnne announced a notation a debate struck.

“It looks like a repository cover to me,” Koibito forked out.

Forum member Les_Sucettes sensitive us, “All my jeans are from Frame. And we unequivocally like this demeanour so we theory a ad works, but, we can’t trust I’m observant this, it’s time for Natasha to take a breather and for people to start regulating someone new.”

Benn98 saw a light during a finish of a tunnel. “This lady is one of a unequivocally few models who photographs good with a operation of photographers!! Awful combination though,” he wrote.

“This reminded me of Anthony Vaccarello. However, so blissful Poly is doing good this deteriorate and never stops hidden a spotlight,” wrote a anxious zacatecas570.

“Every time we see her name in a thread, we know she’s going to move her best to a image. There’s something unequivocally ‘professional’ about Natasha, and over time, I’ve come to honour (and admire) that she’s unequivocally good during a pursuit of modeling, even if she isn’t always to my taste,” commented tigerrouge.

See a rest of Frame Denim’s Fall 2015 debate and let us know what we consider here.

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