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February 13, 2015 - fall Denim

Frame Denim

Frame Denim’s Fall 2015 collection.
Image: Courtesy of Frame Denim

Fashion Week kicked off with a flashback to a 70s interjection to Frame Denim this morning. The Fall 2015 collection desirous visions of a young Jodie Foster in her best flared jeans. But if forced to collect that film a collection was desirous by, co-founder and designer Jens Grede decently evaded answering. The whole tableau of American cinema in that duration is adult for inspiration, and not only in 1978, a pretension of a collection.

We spoke with Grede about a collection, his favorite pieces and a extraordinary pockets on all a clothes.

theFashionSpot: I’m spooky with that sweater dress. Can we have it for a whole week?

Jens Grede: You like it?

tFS: The collection’s beautiful. we feel a 70s impulse is so spot-on right now.

JG: It comes by a filter of march and is unequivocally American, and as we pronounced in a release, for us, we looked during America in a 70s sportswear, those character icons of that epoch and also cinema from that era. That was unequivocally a categorical inspiration.

tFS: What cinema or icons were we thinking? Were we disposition toward Jodie Foster or…?

JG: I’m not fixing references, I’ve schooled a tough approach [laughs], though let’s contend a apparent American character icons and a apparent American cinema from that epoch in a mid-70s. And afterwards we named it 1978 since of a year, indeed this is kind of progressing than that but…

tFS: It always seems like 1977 is everyone’s pivotal year.

JG: Yeah, though we was innate in ’78! So was Eric!

tFS: Is there one square in a collection that is your favorite?

JG: we adore a whole trouser that we call La Francois with a front pocket.

tFS: And a pencil skirts are incredible.

JG: Yeah and a prints, we adore a prints we’ve been doing. we adore a silhouette, we consider it’s fantastic.

tFS: And pockets on everything, that we don’t customarily see.

JG: Yeah, this is of march a statement, though yes, for us it’s an critical thing.


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