Oregon heavy metal musician says his lost vest has landed in NYC Macy’s display

February 12, 2016 - fall Denim

An Oregon musician says that his long lost, one-of-a-kind vest covered in heavy metal regalia has shown up in Macy’s department show display in New York City.

Meshach “Attack” Babcock, a union carpenter and bass player, told Rolling Stone that his treasured vest went missing after he set it down during a Battle of the Bands competition at Oregon City High. Babcock had started the band Maniak in fall 2013, and the show was their first live performance.

The denim vest dates back to the 1960s and was passed along by multiple people before a friend gave it to Babcock when he was 13, Rolling Stone reported. Babcock’s vest had been distinctively covered in patches representing several bands, including Cannibal Corpse and Rigor Mortis.

Hanging up at the Macy’s in Herald Square NYC. #misfits #cannibalcorpse #morbidangel #rigormortis #judaspriest #thescorpions #mercyfulfate #macys #metal

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Babcock was reportedly in a Molalla bar Feb. 6 when a friend called saying he had spotted a picture of the vest on Facebook. Babcock later discovered that the vest was apparently mounted under a glass display in the Ralph Lauren section of Macy’s New York City flagship store.

The story was picked up by multiple media outlets and a Facebook page advocating for Babcock to get his vest back has more than 3,500 likes. Officials with Ralph Lauren and Macy’s are reportedly looking into Babcock’s claims, according to Rolling Stone.

Babcock told magazine that he’s not interested in pressing charges, but would like his vest back.

“It’s ironic that my vest is more famous than my band, but it’s flattering that Ralph Lauren and Macy’s think so highly of it,” Babcock said to Rolling Stone. “If I get it back, it’s amazing. This is what I wanted the whole time.”

See other reports from ABC News and KATU about the vest.

–Laura Frazier


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