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February 6, 2017 - fall Denim

The visible that is mostly compared with a assembly of a financial idea is a large thermometer that solemnly fills adult with a tone red as swell is finished toward reaching that goal.

Work toward a 2016/2017 United Way Campaign idea of $855,000 began Jan. 20, 2016, a day after Dr. Brett Eckley announced a 2015/16 idea had been met. During a time from afterwards to now, your United Way has been bestowed with many blessings and your United Way has bestowed many blessings.

The 2016 year started with a United Way relocating into a code new (paid for) home during 110 Croft St. in Beckley. It took some time to arrange rooms, find donated seat and get some of a small things finished that eventually incited this space into a place where a work of a United Way continues day in and day out.

It is from this space that Margaret Ann, a staff and a expel of volunteers designed and executed fundraising events like Celebrity Night, Spring Denim for a Difference, Swing into Spring and all a other good events that support a United Way of Southern West Virginia. By a finish of May 2016 a United Way thermometer was commencement to arise as a debate was relocating brazen during a gait to be on lane for assembly a goal.

Then, as we have review here before, on Jun 23, a 1,000-year inundate threw us all for a loop. Your United Way staff and volunteers kicked it into high rigging and for several nonstop days and nights a priorities became focused on support and liberation for a friends and neighbors in all southern West Virginia counties. 

Thousands of pounds of reserve were donated and stored in a garage, that shortly became a inundate placement center. Immediate needs were addressed; afterwards efforts toward long-term liberation began. Your United Way continues to offer as a mercantile representative for both Fayette and Nicholas counties’ long-term liberation groups. Specific supports were donated directly to United Way to support a evident and long-term needs of this disaster. Those funds, underneath a instruction of a Board Flood Committee, continue to assistance people today.

The good communities and people around us who trust in a idea have continued to support a United Way with workplace campaigns, many of that exceeded final year’s efforts. Our de Tocqueville Society turn of contributors some-more than doubled in 2016 and Dancing with a Stars lifted a second top net so far, scarcely $197,000. The initial annual United Way Color Run was a success, and Fall Denim for a Difference is always embraced by a supporters. All of these efforts contributed to some-more red in a thermometer, putting us closer to a goal.

In 2016 we delivered hundreds of pairs of boots to children in need in all 7 counties; we fed large people and helped residence many by a work with Raleigh County Community Action, including homeless veterans. Supporters assimilated us as we spent a day walking barefoot to lift awareness, wore jeans for dual weeks, dressed adult for Dancing with a Stars, dressed down for inundate liberation work, gathering thousands of miles, and bought, delivered and review books to hundreds of kids.

We hosted Rise Up Southern West Virginia with a friends from New River Gorge Regional Development Authority and a West Virginia Council of Churches, participated in operative groups on child poverty, education, care and homelessness. We worked on initiatives critical to a communities like teen pregnancy, piece abuse, and improved earthy activity and health for a children.

Every day during your United Way is opposite though impactful. Best laid skeleton get altered since someone needs us. Your United Way always looks for ways to improved a communities and always strives to be good stewards of your donor dollars and to safeguard that each dollar is spent wisely to urge a common good. Your United Way creates a difference. You make a difference. With your support a work gets done.

While we know a thermometer does not uncover a idea of $855,000 has been met, we trust we get a design that a work is removing finished nevertheless. We positively DO wish to accommodate a goal, though some-more than anything, we wish to accommodate a need. Help us fill a thermometer with red all a approach to a top! Please send your support today. Everyone wins when we LIVE UNITED.

— Debby Sizemore is executive clamp president/division boss for Premier Bank Inc. She is 2016/2017 debate chair and is essay this essay to unequivocally ask for your support of a good work of United Way of Southern West Virginia.

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