Paco Rabanne RTW Fall 2016

March 3, 2016 - fall Denim

Julien Dossena’s tumble Paco Rabanne collection was a cold brew of Japanese street, hoyden mark and Jean Paul Gaultier references.

Julien Dossena has put a gentle stretch between his prophesy for Paco Rabanne and a founder’s, and a collection is all a improved for it. The house’s cosmetic Sci-Fi birthright has all though left in preference of something streamlined and down-to-earth. Further education a lineup was Dossena’s priority for fall: “I wanted to go some-more approach and accessible,” he pronounced backstage. He did that by delivering a spiffy, stylish collection, and not for a miss of directional references, many of them Japanese in origin, though also majorly French: Jean Paul Gaultier, privately a obtuse famous Gaultier Junior line that launched in a late Eighties and had about a five-year run. The cheeky, sporty delegate line, for that Gaultier once shot a debate featuring comparison adults modeling his Junior wares, was forward of a time.

“I’m French, so we was lifted with those Gaultier TV shows and his cultured of  mainstream churned with travel churned with couture,” Dossena said. “Mixing references is a complicated approach and Gaultier was a master.”

The uncover non-stop with a light but pert loyalty to JPG — sheer, unsettled white viscose tanks with baby cone bralettes peaking underneath. They were ragged with wide-leg manlike pants with folded pleats, ragged low on a hips for tender hoyden attitude. More pointed nods to Junior came on satin bombers with Fifties automobile fire embroideries and low-rise boyish Japanese denim finished with neo rockabilly tip stitching. Dossena done a absurd anticipation of wearing a stone spread believable on easily padded, zipped duvet skirts. He introduced abounding tone and outlandish pattern with Japanese cherry freshness and tiger prints and embroideries on skirts and dresses loose, robelike volumes. The sum sum was a wearable brew that offering sporty femininity, witty travel and gentle minimalism and a hold of garçonne cool.

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