Palm Angels

January 31, 2017 - fall Denim

Picture this: A Wall Street male gets fired, or rather, gets so indignant with a system, he quits a diversion and decamps to Southern California. And by a weed fume and balmy dawdling of it all, he finds that his new life doesn’t totally clean out his aged demons. He’s still insane with corporate everywhere. Occupy Venice Beach.

Such was a summary behind Francesco Ragazzi’s latest Palm Angels collection. The 2-year-old brand, that is formed in Milan though showed here for a initial time this evening, has been snowballing in recognition in a hype-fueled, misty universe of conform merch. Troye Sivan wore a Spring Palm Angels “rainbow” hoodie final year to most amicable media fanfare; in Milan final night, Ragazzi did a warn dump of giveaway sweatshirts. “Two minutes,” he said, for 200 pieces to fly off a trucks. (Those suggested his new logo, a caution-sign triangle with a palm tree, as per.)

And before naysayers bewail yet-another-streetwear brand, remember that Ragazzi knows his self-evident shit: The male started Palm Angels after photographing a book of a same name around skateboarding enlightenment in Los Angeles. What he does is convincing, if not officious compelling.

Fall had lots of ska-era flares on logo-stamped pants, or denim. Hardware, possibly Old English P’s or A’s, swung from zipped-all-the-way-up tops. Bloodshot eyes stared forward from behind slight sunglasses with revengeful Croakies. There were pointed nods to a aged banker’s life, too, like bullion buttons traditionally indifferent for navy blazers, usually this time on a hairy plaid topcoat. Rasta-striped shirts, hulk content lines opposite a shoulders, stoner father hats, and cold cross-body bags dull out Ragazzi’s defense—and, even if it’s not everybody’s elite strain, one can’t assistance though to grin during a insolence and a pull of his Angels.

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