Patagonia taps into new record to develop denim manufacturing

August 5, 2015 - fall Denim


Through innovative technology, Patagonia is changing a proceed denim is made—using environmentally friendlier color and prolongation processes, Fair Trade Certified™ sewing practices, and 100% organic, pesticide-free cotton

VENTURA, California (August 3, 2015) – With a new denim collection launching today, Patagonia is changing a proceed denim is done and lifting a bar for environmental and tellurian rights practices – using innovative, environmentally friendlier dye, Fair Trade Certified sewing practices, and 100% organic string grown though pesticides, herbicides, or fake fertilizers.

patagonia taps into new record to develop denim manufacturingThe dirty business of required denim gathering Patagonia to rethink a whole process. Typically, denim prolongation involves a use of dangerous chemicals to grow required cotton; failing it produces millions of gallons of wastewater; and, too often, jeans are sewn in factories where workers might not be treated fairly.

Patagonia’s new dyeing and prolongation routine uses dyestuffs that bond some-more simply to cotton, minimizing a resource-intensive and environmentally mortal sapphire dyeing, rinsing and mantle soaking routine used to emanate normal denim.

Greatly shortening a environmental impact of a denim supply chain, Patagonia is regulating 84% reduction water, 30% reduction appetite and emitting 25% reduction CO2 than required fake sapphire denim dyeing processes.

All Patagonia denim is done with organic string that is grown though chemical or fake fertilizers, unwholesome pesticides or herbicides. The whole routine formula in a color-rich, durable character – avoiding a environmental downsides of sandblasting, splotch and stonewashing jeans.

“Traditional denim is a dirty business. That gathering us to change a proceed a jeans are made,” pronounced Helena Barbour, Patagonia’s Business Unit Director, Sportswear. “We wanted to find an choice resolution to regulating a customary sapphire dyeing methods we once employed to emanate denim. It took several years of research, innovation, hearing and error, though a outcome is a new trail for denim. We’re carefree other manufacturers will follow fit and assistance us change a denim industry.”

As partial of a company’s joining to urge bureau workers’ lives, Patagonia Denim is Fair Trade Certified™ for sewing. The Fair Trade program’s market-based proceed helps workers accept satisfactory remuneration for their labor, while formulating improved operative conditions and defence opposite a use of child labor. In serve to a 6 denim styles, Patagonia has grown a Fair Trade wardrobe styles from 33 in open 2015 to 192 in tumble 2015.

To serve foster recognition about a denim industry’s countless environmental and amicable harms, Patagonia launched a debate in August, “Because Denim is Filthy Business.” The campaign, that runs opposite Patagonia’s website, amicable channels and catalogs, focuses both on a problems with a stream denim prolongation standards as good as solutions for change.

The Fall 2015 Patagonia Denim collection includes 3 men’s and 3 women’s jeans that are rugged, stylish, performance-driven and adult for anything, either it’s Bouldering in a Buttermilks or dining out in New York City.

Patagonia Denim is accessible for squeeze during Patagonia sell stores, partner stores and  at

About Patagonia

Founded by Yvon Chouinard in 1973, Patagonia is an outside attire association formed in Ventura, California. A approved B-Corporation, Patagonia’s goal is to build a best product, means no nonessential mistreat and use business to enthuse and exercise solutions to a environmental crisis. The association is famous internationally for a joining to authentic product peculiarity and environmental activism, contributing over $76 million in grants and in-kind donations to date.


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