People All Over a World Are Freaking Out About Louis Vuitton’s New Collaboration

January 24, 2017 - fall Denim

When a engineer debuts a new runway collection, we can gamble on pieces that tumble in line with a conform residence and simulate a core or signature aesthetic. But when a tag like Louis Vuitton drops a partnership with a streetwear code like Supreme, a equipment will turn iconic. Men’s artistic executive Kim Jones denounced a New York-influenced line during his Fall 2017 uncover in Paris.

“You can’t have a review of New York menswear but Supreme right now, since it’s such a large tellurian phenomenon. we used to work when we was during college unpacking boxes of Supreme during a association in London that distributed it when it was only starting out, so it’s something I’ve famous all along in my life. we only feel that a strength of their striking contra a strength of a Louis Vuitton graphic, and that kind of Pop Art feeling — it works together perfectly,” Jones told WWD.

Already, uncover attendees and both companies are pity a products on Instagram, withdrawal us lusting over sneakers, varsity jackets, festooned denim, duffel bags, phone cases, and tees emblazoned with both iconic logos. Scroll for all a designs that are already during a tip of the wish lists.

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