Predicting Fall’s Biggest Denim Trends (There Will Be Patchwork)

August 10, 2014 - fall Denim

Like many successful entrepreneurs, Jane Herman Bishop and Florence Kane—who met in 2004 during Vogue, where they rose in a ranks from editorial assistants to conform writers—found a blank in a marketplace and knew how to fill it. “So many sites were addressing personal style, shopping, and conform news, though no one was articulate [to women, specifically] about denim—the one thing that scarcely everybody wears,” says Kane. The span set out to emanate an editorial conform site that would be clinging to denim, from rising brands and trends to personal vignettes of denim-lovers and stories about moving denim innovators. Jean Stories, a undoubted adore minute to denim, launched in Nov 2013, and in reduction than a year it has turn the go-to site for a far-reaching operation of select supporters in further to portion as a resource, showroom, and e-commerce gateway. “Denim is so personal—which creates it meaningful,” says Bishop. “It ages and wears and weathers in ways that simulate a approach we live. It’s a rarely focused subject, though there are gigantic ways to speak about it.”

Seminal denim moments:

J.H.B.: My dad, Ron Herman, has been offered jeans during his stores [in L.A.]since a 70s. When we was 19, we worked in a Jean Bar during a Melrose location. It was a initial of a kind.

F.K.: we was a initial chairman to write about J Brand. we listened to co-founders Jeff Rudes and Susie Crippen speak about how tiny a ankle holes on their jeans were. It was a genuine branch indicate in denim, a emergence of a spare as we know it.

J.H.B.:We will never forget a day that Emily Current and Meritt Elliott walked into Vogue with their game-changing beloved jean. It was adore during initial sight!

Favorite denim piece:

F.K.: A chambray shirt, by a Row.

J.H.B.: My Levi’s Orange Tab Trucker.

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