Rachel Comey

June 4, 2017 - fall Denim

As a ubiquitous matter, Rachel Comey doesn’t disaster with vintage. It’s not that she never takes a retro cue; of march she does. But her robe is to plunge those references so low next a aspect of her possess particular cultured that they are unfit to recognize. This collection was different: A revisit to a Vogue Patterns repository spurred Comey to slice off some Depression-era silhouettes, and in this box a impulse was wholly legible, since Comey’s practice, in a box of several looks, was to lift a selected patterns whole and afterwards cut off a sleeve or turn a figure around. A midi dress in gingham with one forsaken shoulder exemplified this approach.

Not that you’d mistake these garments for ones you’d find in a secondhand shop. Although this tour found Comey stability to drive in a instruction of some-more tailored looks, a complicated draping, astonishing volumes, and lightweight fabrics total to furnish an wholly present effect. The materials were an generally winning component here—lots of leafy edging and filigree and chiffon, with some sturdiness granted by suiting nap and load twill and Comey’s signature rumpled denim. There was also a certain corpulence to a collection’s lightweight froth and pebbled chenille, while a use of float fabrics for daywear—as in, again, that gingham dress—was truly inspired. All in all, this lineup pulled off a neat pretence of creation a informed seem a small weird. Not visitor or outré, only peculiar adequate to replenish a appeal.

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