Rebecca Minkoff launches Spring 2015 jewelry

March 27, 2015 - fall Denim

Confession: I’ve been a Rebecca Minkoff fan ever given 2007. we initial detected a purse that Lauren Conrad was wearing and it’s been a adore event ever since. So a second we had a possibility to speak her, we jumped with joy! She’s kind, thoughtful, intelligent, and a clarification of a #girlboss. With her valuables line being accessible in stores for a unequivocally initial time, we was smitten with each square (and my wallet can pronounce to that).

Rebecca Minkoff is an comprehensive powerhouse. She designs handbags, shoes, clothing, and jewelry. She’s finished a partnership with Essie. She’s combined wearable tech with Casemate. She speaks on each conform and womanlike businessman row there is. She listens and connects with her customers. She is unequivocally phenomenal, and we was respected to get to lay down with her for a few mins to not customarily discuss about her new line, though also to get to know her on a some-more personal level.

Your new Spring 2015 valuables line is accessible during Nordstrom! What was a impulse behind a line?
The collection has dual graphic viewpoints. One is this silver, some-more bohemian, festival deteriorate suitable option, and a other is not-your-grandma’s-pearls. The whole collection is unequivocally about holding a pearl and updating it and creation it some-more edgy.

We’re in a coffee collateral of a world! What is your standard coffee order?
Usually in a morning we usually customarily make a coffee during home. La Colombe is my favorite form of coffee with half and half. And afterwards my mid-day coffee is usually a latte.

What do we keep in your bag with we during all times?
Two phones, Chapstick, my wallet, and keys. we unequivocally keep things minimal, we don’t do a whole mid-day refresh.

What has been your biggest splurge, and your biggest bargain?
My biggest splurge would have a be a vacation we’re about to go on! (laughs) And it’s customarily a splurge since a airlines select to during open mangle make a tickets so insane! Normally tickets are unequivocally affordable though we was like, fine here we go! My biggest assets was….that’s a unequivocally good question, we have no idea. we usually recently bought a garland of selected things. There’s a play in New York who sends we emails and creates life genuine easy since we can usually collect things off a email.

From your whole lifestyle brand, what are 3 equipment that each women in Seattle would love?
I consider a espadrilles are unequivocally lovable and they’re easy to travel around in. They’re fun and they’re carrying a impulse right now though they’re not too distant in a direction. The Julian backpack is good generally for people who bike. we have a one with border and I’m spooky with it. And afterwards a partnership we usually did with Nordstrom and Piece and Co. It gave women over 5,000 jobs so we consider that’s flattering cool, and we get something singular finished by women. Our sold products are finished in Vietnam and in Mexico.

How do we use amicable media in a pattern process, do we review a comments your business leave we and take them into consideration?
We use patron feedback a lot. They’ll opinion on colors; final year they voted on that tone denim we should make for spring. We’ll also have contests like a one we did with Nordstrom to assistance pattern a bag where people can contention opposite ideas and we’ll take it and spin it into a bag. That was one of [Nordstrom’s] many intent posts and one of a many successful collaborations. We like to use amicable media to make it unequivocally some-more of a behind and onward dialogue.

You have clothing, shoes, handbags, and jewelry. You’ve finished wearable technology. You have a partnership with Essie. Where do we wish to go from here, whats subsequent for you?
I consider that a concentration is unequivocally opening a possess sell stores and stability [that]. We have LA opening in Jun and Chicago substantially this entrance fall. So unequivocally strengthening that since that is where we can unequivocally uncover a finish lifestyle code and a finish sentence. Also a general expansion is unequivocally critical to us, we’re opening Apr 15th in Hong Kong so stability that highway trip.

You need a Seattle store too!
Maybe one day!

Thank we Rebecca for holding a time to speak with me, and be certain to check out her new valuables line accessible during Nordstrom.

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