Rebecca Taylor Pre-Fall 2015

December 10, 2014 - fall Denim


  • Emily Farra
  • December 4, 2014

Rebecca Taylor’s Pre-Fall collection had fragile gowns, string army pants, frail blouses, and even a hoodie. What tied it all together was a thought of garments that don’t demeanour brand-new. “Growing up, my grandmother had this dress-up box with all of my aunt’s aged ballet costumes, and all had this pleasing aged quality,” Taylor explained. “I wanted to constraint that arrange of dismantled femininity.” Lovely vintage-looking edging and churned florals could’ve been plucked from another time, though they looked ideally complicated on elementary dresses and shells. “I adore piecing several prints together, kind of like portrayal with them,” she said. In pale shades of olive, cream, and navy, even full-on botanical dresses felt grounded. Taylor also played with opposite textures. Inspired by her possess bent to covering denim jackets underneath all of her coats—”just so we see a collar and placket,” she explained—she designed a good denim and tweed topper with strap pockets and tattered edges. “I adore denim during a moment, though this is a small some-more polished than a unchanging jean jacket.” While a collection was frequency groundbreaking, infrequently it’s good to demeanour during garments that won’t feel sleepy by a time they indeed strike stores. Other contemporary designers are branch out of-this-second crowd-pleasers like bell-bottoms and mistake fur, though Taylor is adhering to her informed embellishments and prints. Her designs are for a lady who wants to demeanour flattering though not indispensably “on trend,” and there is value in that.

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