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March 30, 2018 - fall Denim


Bella Dahl’s blackdigo styles

Over a past 8 years, Bella Dahl became a source for women’s attire that embraced a Southern California lifestyle of smart pieces that are gentle to wear.

As a internal association owned by Kerry Jolna, who employs a staff of 120, Bella Dahl’s participation in Los Angeles includes a 65,000-square-foot downtown corporate domicile on Broadway, that houses a executive offices, room space and sewing room clinging to representation production, that is achieved by 8 sewers. It has a tiny salon blocks divided in a Cooper Design Space. The brand’s joining to Southern California has been apparent by a prolongation practices, as 90 percent of a production is finished in Los Angeles.

In April, for a Summer 2018 campaign, Bella Dahl will launch a rebranded look, that includes a new logo, mantle labels and hangtags to benefaction a “sleeker” and “elevated” code identity, according to Jennifer Vathanadireg, executive of marketing.

“We’re now roving around a world, operative with influencers deteriorate to season,” she revealed. “Our pieces are unequivocally transport friendly.”

As she discussed a shift, Vathanadireg explained Bella Dahl’s efforts to keep a constant business of women in their 30s to 60s while reaching out to a younger demographic. There exists no ideal regulation for rebranding, though during Bella Dahl, this change was some-more about expanding to embody some-more women, not incompatible a business who have been constant to a line given 2010.


Sample-production room during Bella Dahl’s headquarters

“I’ve been during many brands where we attempted to change completely, though we can’t remove your constant business since they’re a ones who are indeed purchasing,” pronounced Vathanadireg. “We wanted to do it in a approach where we can still hang on to those business though strech that younger person.”

This tactic worked in a brand’s favor, as younger consumers brought trade to a website, though they competence not be prone to spend a lot yet, as sell cost points are a bit high for this age group, whose wardrobe bill isn’t as vast as a normal Bella Dahl customer.

“We’ve been successful,” Vathanadireg said. “We’ve been saying a younger demographic entrance to a site; we’re not certain if they’re indispensably prepared to buy yet.”

To strech a new customer, while progressing a customer base, Bella Dahl invested in new styles that adhered to a company’s core beliefs of stylish Southern California comfort total with a joining to sustainability.

Manufactured with a company’s copyright Tencera fabric—a form of Tencel that comprises 70 percent of Bella Dahl’s business—the brand’s denim provides a normal coming with a soothing touch.

Within a Fall 2018 denim offerings, business will find jackets, jumpsuits, overalls, shirts and pants, that are accessible in normal or choice lengths. Derived from sustainably sourced timber pulp, a final Tencera product comprises cellulose fibers that furnish a form of rayon finished with a recyclable, nontoxic solvent. The finished product is biodegradable and offers a demeanour of denim with a well-spoken feel in a element that can be simply cleared and dusty and is fold resistant.


Pieces from a Bella Dahl Fall 2018 collection

As Bella Dahl’s rebranding debate draws near, a association also prepared to move a uninformed denim rinse to a marketplace with pieces wholesaling from $68 to $110. With a blackdigo, a association took a denim shirts, pants, jackets and jumpsuits into a deep, dim paint that it’s never had before.

“We’re like a denim company,” pronounced Steven Millman, clamp boss of sales. “Kerry [Jolna] and we came from jeans, though we don’t make jeans, though we are in a denim business. we consider we’ve disrupted a denim business, changing it where things are apropos critical other than 5 pockets.”

While this rinse expands Bella Dahl’s offerings by bringing a darker denim product to a brand, a ensuing element is conjunction as hardwearing, nor tough to wash, as normal jeans. With many dim denims, consumers are forced to belong to special soaking instructions, before and after a initial wear, though Millman says a new blackdigo pieces solve that problem.

“It is a darkest sapphire chronicle we could use,” he said. “It’s a deepest dip. Because it’s those Tencera yarns, it gives it a ability to get beautiful washes and say itself so it’s not going to massage off everywhere. It’s not bleeding. It’s a easiest caring we could imagine.”

The preference to deliver blackdigo wasn’t rushed since a Bella Dahl group wants a clients to suffer wearing a pieces as most as it loves formulating them. This meant building blackdigo over a camber of 3 years, during that time a fabric and color was tested until it was a product that they had envisioned.

“We adore a wash. It only took us time to get it,” pronounced Millman. “The some-more we’ve used it—the some-more we’ve tested it—we’re strictly prepared to unequivocally come out with it, that is exciting. Now, we have a new denim. It’s like a sleeper.”

In further to, a collection has been sole by dialect stores—including, Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdale’s—and eccentric bricks-and-mortar retailers.

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