Review: Five pairs of jeans for cycling

July 5, 2016 - fall Denim

You don’t have to dress like a fluorescent ninja to float a bike comfortably. Then again, not all trousers are combined equal. Many brands are now charity pants that are tailored (sorry, terrible pun) for an active lifestyle. These are a few we’ve been wearing lately.

Testers: Eric McKeegan and Adam Newman

Cadence jeans

Cadence Collection Cycling Denim

Price: $120
Fit and shape: The slim cut is adjacent on skinny, though there is reduction finish during a ankle than a loyal spare jean. Only a 32-inch inseam is available.
Material: Made from raw, untreated 12 unit denim and 2 percent spandex, it is complicated and only a hold stretchy.
Comfort on a bike: They could use some-more room in a thighs and a complicated element can get chafey on prolonged rides.
Bike-friendly features: Double thick chair area and contemplative patch.
Hits: Great pockets, elementary styling, peculiarity workmanship.
Misses: Could use some-more stretch, or some-more room for riding. Doubled chair area means double thick seams down there, too.
Best for: Hanging during a pub

Club Ride jean

Club Ride Shift Jean

Price: $85
Fit and shape: These fit slim and true with a body-hugging character that competence not be for everyone.
Material: The StretchRide cotton/lycra mix is a lightest of a pants tested, and one of a many stretchy.
Comfort on a bike: Despite a slim fit these have copiousness of widen to accomodate a cyclist’s physique and movement.
Bike-friendly features: Reflective accents and a zipper hip slot that can fit an iPhone 6.
Hits: Super low front pockets are good for creation certain your things will never tumble out.
Misses: Hip slot is dissimilar though it still has a techy vibe that competence not be for everyone.
Best for: Summertime rides

DUER jeans

DU/ER No Sweat Pant

Price: $129
Fit and shape: Relaxed fit chronicle is really some-more loose than what’s “hip” these days.
Material: OK, technically not a jean, though same idea. Made from a new wobble called Nature2X, it’s a mix of Tencel® (made from eucalyptus trees), polyester, spandex and cotton.
Comfort on a bike: Incredibly stretchy, these pants disappear as we wear them. The loose fit is loose adequate that we need to keep an eye on your cuffs when we ride.
Bike-friendly features: Seamless arm panel.
Hits: As gentle as your favorite sweatpants.
Misses: Front pockets could be a bit deeper.
Best for: The office

Endura Jeans

Endura Urban Jean

Price: $140
Fit and shape: Only span here sole as S, M, L, XL so sizing isn’t as flexible. More room adult tip with slim legs.
Material: Thinner than standard denim, with a soothing glaze interjection to a 55 percent cotton, 30 percent polyester and 15 percent nylon weave.
Comfort on a bike: The looser cut above a knee offers copiousness of leisure of transformation while a slim reduce leg stays transparent of a chain.
Bike-friendly features: U-lock holster, and contemplative accents on a inside of a right leg and a deployable contemplative strap from a behind pocket.
Hits: The rinse is a ideal shade of blue.
Misses: Lack of normal pants sizing is a drawback.
Best for: Date night

Levis Jeans

Levi’s 511 Commuter Jean

Price: $88
Fit and shape: Fit is slim though not skinny. The classical true leg character is complicated though being hipster tight.
Material: Very identical to classical denim, there is not most widen notwithstanding a 93 percent cotton, 5 percent polyester and 2 percent elastane construction.
Comfort on a bike: The slightest elastic pair, they still concede some-more leisure of transformation than normal jeans, though not adequate to be gentle on each bike.
Bike-friendly features: 3M contemplative accents during a cuffs and a U-lock holster during a waistline.
Hits: Thick denim should be durable. Can mostly be found on sale for less.
Misses: Raw ink stained my bike saddle.
Best for: Working in a yard



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