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May 3, 2015 - fall Denim

Fetty Wap: “Trap Queen” (via SoundCloud)

Fetty Wap does not have 14 kids—and he has no thought since someone would write that on his Wikipedia page, either. “That’s a lot of kids,” a 24-year-old deadpans when asked about a fraudulent factoid, before clarifying that he has two children, a baby daughter and a 4-year-old boy. “My son has been my series one believer given we started,” he says with pride. After a few years of mixtape toiling, a artist born Willie Maxwell has reached a form of celebrity where Internet randos feel compelled to only make adult shit about him.

It’s all since of “Trap Queen”, his paper to adore and drugs and money, that now sits during #3 on a Billboard Hot 100. The lane highlights his devilishly symphonic singing voice, a warbling, lightning-shocked instrument clearly descended from Rick James that sounds right during home on a radio following a success of associate off-kilter offshoot male iLoveMakonnen. Though he’s perceived eager cosigns from Kanye and Rihanna, a local of New Jersey’s crime-strewn city of Paterson isn’t in it for a splendid lights. “I don’t do this to be famous—I do this so a people around me can live better, and we can live improved with them,” he says. “A lot of people don’t make it from where I’m from; when we got certain dreams, it’s only something we see on TV.

K Camp: “1Hunnid” [ft. Fetty Wap] (via SoundCloud)

So when TV beckons for this artist, it’s not only a broadside event as most as an doubtful anticipation realized. When we uncover adult to Fetty’s hotel room in West Hollywood on a Saturday morning, he’s using late for a operation for a MTV Movie Awards, where he’s set to perform “Trap Queen” with emo survivors Fall Out Boy. As he cashes a blunt outward an SUV (the motorist won’t let him fume inside), Fetty flaunts a star’s glamour dressed in a denim jacket, capris, “double nickel” Jordan 10’s, and a fedora with a bandana wrapped around a band. Instead of deflecting courtesy to his blank eye—he suffered from glaucoma as a immature teen and mislaid his left eye to a inborn disorder—his sockets are lined with tattoos. “If they gonna stare, I’m gonna give them something to demeanour at,” he says. After Fetty piles into a car, he starts swiveling in his seat, clearly vehement about a MTV gig—despite a fact that he’s not utterly certain who Fall Out Boy are. (On a awards show, Fetty generally manages to arise above a attempt collaboration, even while doing an atmosphere guitar pierce subsequent to Pete Wentz. He’s scheduled to make some-more TV dreams come loyal with an coming on “The Tonight Show” May 5.)

Fetty Wap: “Show You” (via SoundCloud)

At a moment, most of Fetty’s outlay can be listened on his constantly updated SoundCloud, that also includes marks from his Remy Boyz crew. Following his new signing with 300 Entertainment, a power-playing impress co-founded by hip-hop idol Lyor Cohen, he’s operative on a full-length manuscript with a likes of Ty Dolla $ign, Atlanta rapper Rich a Kid, and Migos’ Quavo. Anticipation is high—a new 15-second video of Fetty singing along with an gaseous new lane called “Jug” has racked adult over 600,000 views on YouTube—but he’s not psyched out. “It was possibly song or nothing—and we wasn’t settling,” he says. “There’s nobody like me.”

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