Riverdale Stars Lili Reinhart and Camila Mendes Star in Their First Fashion Campaign for Bongo

August 10, 2017 - fall Denim


Riverdale stars Lili Reinhart, 20, and Camila Mendes, 23, are trade their River Vixen uniforms for some Bongo jeans as a brand’s new faces. And they’re BFF standing offscreen is usually as clever (if not stronger) than Betty and Veronica’s loyalty on a CW hit.

“Rachel Bilson, Nicole Richie, Vanessa Hudgens … so many of my idols flourishing adult were Bongo girls,” Mendes, 23, tells PeopleStyle exclusively of her new gig. Adds Reinhart, “I have a younger sister and to know that she’s going to be means to see her comparison sister in a repository with this wardrobe code that we grew adult with, we feel unequivocally blessed.”

The heading ladies of a CW strike star in a brand’s tumble debate (aptly patrician #BongoBFFs) shot by photographer Matt Jones in a California desert. They model back-to-school trends ranging from flannels to denim jackets to star-print sweaters and a latest denim trends.

We held adult with a co-stars during their fire to get a dip on their style, their characters and some-more below.


What are we tumble conform must-haves?

LR: We both are jeans girls; we grew adult wearing denim bland to school. A fun tumble trend is relating opposite colors and opposite textures of denim. We also adore a good bootie.

CM: we came to set wearing denim-on-denim and one of a initial [Bongo] outfits we attempted on was denim-on-denim so we was like, ‘This is great, this is right in line with what we believe!’ Lili and we both like to dress unequivocally absolutely and we consider that’s kind of what tumble is all about.


Where do we find character inspiration?

CM: we have a Tumblr that’s private, it’s usually for my possess use, though we usually follow a garland of character accounts and reblog all we like and my blueprint is like a grid blueprint so we can just… each time we go on my Tumblr it suits me since it feels like an prolongation of who we am and it unequivocally helps me daydream like what we like and what my character is so that when we go selling we kind of have some-more of an eye for it now.

LR: we usually check my Instagram. we get a lot of impulse from there, we follow a lot of opposite designers and not unequivocally people in particular, usually kind of designers and shops, certain stores that we adore and usually kind of lift impulse from there and bookmark them.


How does your character review to your characters?

CM: we meant apparently a uncover has a unequivocally specific style. It is magnified and feels like it’s illusory so Veronica wears a lot of parsimonious clothing, cinched waists, skirts and heels and nylons. She’s unequivocally discriminating and put-together. She’s like high-fashion Teresa, Barbie’s best friend. But like I’m approach some-more infrequent than that. we don’t wear heels. Veronica doesn’t wear jeans or shorts, that is like all we wear.

LR: Betty wears a ton of jeans with her sweaters and cardigans, and we grew adult wearing a lot of cardigans so now we kind of have loathing for them. It creates me feel like I’m in fifth class again. But Betty is apparently unequivocally sweet. We got those Peter Pan collars, we do a symbol downs and that’s super good though it’s not indispensably my style. I’m unequivocally a small bit some-more irritable than Betty. we don’t consider my character is irritable in ubiquitous though I’m unequivocally laid behind since Betty is some-more put-together and polished, and I’m some-more of like a lax t-shirt [kind of person], and we know we both, me and Cami, don’t wear super-tight, propitious things all a time. Our characters are always unequivocally fitted.


Both Betty and Veronica always have ideal hair on a show. Do we have any past hair regrets?

CM: Ombré! It wasn’t that bad though my hair tone is unequivocally tough to lift off an ombré, since we have such dim hair that it turns orange and it wasn’t light during all. It was like black and afterwards roughly yellow  it’s one of those things where if we don’t take caring of it, it’ll demeanour unequivocally ratchet for sure.

LR: I’m usually disturbed my hair will tumble out. I’m naturally kind of a unequivocally ashy, unwashed blonde, though unequivocally have to prominence it a lot some-more for a show. It’s a process. Everyone knows how most a uncover has to worry about my hair. It’s a lot perplexing to helper my hair behind to health.

CM: Lili won’t have a scalp by a finish of…

LR: we won’t have any hair left by a end. Betty Cooper will be wearing a wig after all of this.

What do we consider of Reinhart and Mendes’ new Bongo campaign? Share below!

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