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March 25, 2015 - fall Denim

roark fall/holiday 2015

The Roark Revival’s Volume 9 Fall/Holiday 15 collection is set high in a Himalayas of Nepal.

The Line Break: Roark Fall/Holiday 2015 Collection

Roark Revival is rolling out subsequent season’s collections this week, as their repute organisation gets on a highway to revisit specialty retail. This time around, Roark has teamed adult with a few friends during brands like Hex and Electric to enhance into some new domain like eyewear and luggage. The attire code is also creation a large pull into denim for subsequent season, a repeated trend we’ve seen opposite a few companies in a industry. We checked in with Roark Revival’s owner and Creative Director, Ryan Hitzel after a code won SIMA’s “Men’s Marketing Campaign of a Year” for a second year in a quarrel to see where they are chasing Roark down next.

Number of years your association has been in this category:

Four seasons

Total series of SKUs in line: 188 sku’s

Contact Info for retailers:

Mike Mechling / SVP Sales:

What tradeshows will we be attending this season?

 Agenda Long Beach, Surf Expo and Outdoor Retailer

What sets this collection detached from others you’ve finished in a past? Why should it be on retailers’ radar?

“Himalayan Halfway House” outlines a few vital stairs brazen for Roark. This deteriorate debuts and integrates a “Safe Camp” idol into a tag package, completing a formation into a brand. We’re also unequivocally unapproachable to broach Denim and Luggage to a collection. As an tour lifestyle code it was critical for us to spike both categories, so we waited until we found a right partnerships that could grasp a goals.

Take a discerning demeanour by Roark’s tour into Nepal:















How was trade uncover deteriorate for Roark?

We are entrance off an extraordinary run display Fall 15 “Himalayan Halfway House” during Agenda Long Beach, Surf Expo, and Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake City. We were requisitioned plain during Agenda and Surf Expo and were good perceived during OR. We are looking brazen to building a outside channel, and are vehement to pronounce to a new comment bottom with a same mentality. Our outing to Nepal that desirous a collection was heated and a bit risky, though a feedback was great. Everyone was stoked to see us transport to a end distant from a sea and broach a indicate of view. Our reps will be attack a highway shortly to uncover Holiday, that builds even serve on a strengths achieved in Fall.

What are a many poignant additions to your line this year?

We are introducing utterly a few new additions and improvements to a Fall/Holiday 2015 range. The many poignant is a introduction of a icon, that harkens behind to a vagrant dictionary of a basin era. It’s desirous by a moniker definition “safe place to stay” while on a road. You will see it merchandised opposite a line and in a selling going forward, starting with a Fall 15 range.

On a product side, many critical further would be denim and luggage.

Both categories are critical for us to rise as core categories. The “Drifter” denim is plain with a well-worn rinse as good as sapphire and black. The ”Chopper” denim has cut outlines on a inside during 19” and 20” as good as bar tacks to strengthen out seams once they are cut.

We grown a bags with Hex and put an importance on adding character and loyal square to bags geared for a adventure. They are all built with rubberized PV coated string and have courteous amenities. We grown a bags we wish to transport with either we’re going to a Himalayas or Paris.

Electric given us with tradition polarized freezing eyeglasses for a outing that were literally built by hand. They worked so well, that Electric will be rising a partnership in their Holiday 2015 collection.

Which sold square within a collection are we many vehement about and why?

Our Drifter Denim. After 4 years of testing, scrapping, refitting, and destruction, it’s a well-traveled span of jeans that has been erratic a world. You can roughly smell a curry, cigarettes, and blockade that’s been happily contaminated into their core!

“Today we’re operative in a pure marketplace that allows consumers and retailers to see directly into a heart and essence of a brand, exposing all hurdles unequivocally quickly. If a code and people behind it are accepted, a hurdles are easier to navigate.”—Ryan Hitzel, Roark Founder and Creative Director

What is your take on a altogether state of a marketplace right now – challenges? Opportunities?

In my opinion a marketplace is in a good place right now. There’s a renewed clarity of event and confidence everywhere that’s permitting brands with a voice to pronounce to all sorts of consumers that are prepared for something different. There’s a core organisation of new brands that are reinvigorating a marketplace with new ideas for attire and what a code can be. Retailers have unequivocally embraced it and are permitting us to pronounce a mind by their height and a own. It’s unequivocally sparkling to be in that mix.

Today we’re operative in a pure marketplace that allows consumers and retailers to see directly into a heart and essence of a brand, exposing all hurdles unequivocally quickly. If a code and people behind it are accepted, a hurdles are easier to navigate.

The standard hurdles like cash-flow and product minimums are being solved with straight models and fast-fashion. HM, Forever 21 and Uniqlo aren’t a usually brands contracting a strategy. It’s unequivocally forcing a attention to be some-more innovative with placement and product. So I’d gamble that a industry’s foe with that new indication will be a biggest plea over a subsequent 5 years.

What ubiquitous trends are we noticing?

For Fall 2015 we stayed focused on trends in Nepal like Hinduism, Curry and rigging that works in a Himalayas. Outside of that, we try to equivocate what’s duty in a broader attire market.

What outmost influences and inspirations can be seen in this year’s line?

Volume 9: “Himalayan Halfway House” finds Roark in Nepal in hunt of devout hurt so to speak. The collection fits a meridian of a ascetic Kathmandu hollow and a imperishable cold of a Himalayas. Mysticism permeates a products and Nepalese weave prints accoutre a garments. There are elements spawned by roving motorcycles by a Himalayas as good as time spent in a chaotic, though poetic streets of Kathmandu.

roark fall/holiday 2015

The Roark Revival’s “Safe Camp” idol is desirous by a Hobo Code for a “Safe Place to Camp” while on a road.

There are 4 graphic pattern directions practical to products that combine character with informal function. Our Director of Product, Stever Rapp, unearthed a good route for a collection

The Third Eye: The third eye is a
mystical and enigmatic judgment referring to a suppositional invisible eye, that provides notice over typical sight. People who are claimed to have a ability to implement their third eyes are infrequently famous as seers.

The Hillary Stripe: On 29 May 1953, Edmund Hillary and Nepalese Sherpa Tenzing Norgay became a initial climbers to strech a limit of
Mt. Everest. We took impulse from a iconic blue/white ribbon found on a interior flaps of his safari hat.

The Mudra: Vitarka mudra is interpreted as a palm gesticulate that evokes a appetite of training and egghead discussion, or argument. It mostly feels like a delivery of a sold training with no words.

Nepalese Flag: The dual triangles designate a Himalaya Mountains and a dual vital religions, Hinduism and Buddhism. The object and moon designate patience and resolve. It’s a usually non-quadrilateral dwindle in a world.

What are some pivotal technical advancements this season?

We’ve put some-more concentration on a technical aspects of a collection so they’d work for both a weekend adventurer and a Tavarua Boatman or Himalayan Porter. The “Annapurna” windbreaker has taped seams, a 3000 mm H2O resistant cloaking and is packable into a possess pouch.

We also experimented with bottom layers regulating CoolMax record that keeps we comfortable when it’s cold and cold when it’s hot. We designed them to optimize duty while providing character so we can transition from a route to a bar and not feel like a dork.

The Luggage we done with a bag association Hex is mark on. They are famous for their technical neat civic seductiveness with a concentration on organization, so we got together to request that strength to a collection combined for tour travel. We landed on a day trek called “The Runner,” a 5-day trek called “The Mule,” and a duffle called “The Smuggler.” They’re high-end and are built for a secrecy traveler. We had no seductiveness competing during a reduce cost point, so no responsibility was spared. They are rubberized PV coated string with plush pocketing and exaggerate a crowd of facilities geared for a outing by route or street.

What about your line has developed a many from final season?

We’re unapproachable of a aforementioned stairs brazen a collection has made, though we consider a many swell was done by going to a place like Nepal. It’s not unequivocally mostly that we get to set onward on an Adventure with 18 porters, 4 Royal Enfield motorcycles, and 6 friends in a foothills of a Himalayas. For that, we are beholden to be on a follow for Roark no matter where he surfaces.


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