Roberto Cavalli

December 9, 2017 - fall Denim

Paul Surridge was allocated Roberto Cavalli’s artistic executive in May 2017; he had only a handful of weeks to work on a Spring collection, that was presented during Milan Fashion Week in September. The residence has a stately past, though it comes with some additional baggage, so to speak. Recent seasons have seen a satisfactory volume of turbulence, both on a character instruction and on a business bottom line. Surridge was asked to come adult with a detox fast and to figure a healthier, slimmer destiny for a tag whose celebrity has always been over a tip and glamazonic to a fault.

Surridge is a seasoned pro; he has embraced a not-so-easy charge with British aplomb, and with a organisation faith in teamwork. “The destiny will be all about a suggestion of collaboration,” he mused during a Pre-Fall presentation. “No-one can make it alone.” Especially when we have to cave such a immeasurable physique of work and such a specific lifestyle. “Cavalli was innate on sportswear, daywear, knitwear, denim, not only on hyper-glamorous arise dressing. Now we need to emanate a deeper strech for a tellurian village of women with opposite needs, ages, physique types, professions, or geographic locations; we have to align with consumers’ changes and with a millennium’s mind-set, not millennials! And not looking obsessively into repository and history, though concentration some-more on storytelling,” he explained.

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